28 May 2011
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28 May 2011,

By Ray Beste
Alexandria, MN (May 28th, 2011) – World of Outlaw Late Model rookie of the year contender Pat Doar returned to the land of WISSOTA Saturday night scoring the NLRA Late Model feature win Saturday night at Viking Speedway. In Modified action it was Jason Thoennes corralling his second win of the week while Jeff Crouse scored a clean in the WISSOTA Super Stock division. Travis Saurer tallied yet another win in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified A-main with Justin Vogel grabbing top honors in the WISSOTA Street Stock division. Sunny skies and mild temperatures greeted racers and fans for some tremendous Amsoil Dirt Track Racing at the big ½ mile.

With all the preliminaries in the books, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds took to the speedway for their 15-lap main event. Speedway regulars Shawn Olson and Jason Hoffman shared the front row starting duties as head flagman Mike Commerford dropped the green. Olson got the jump early on and took the lead as the field filed through turns one and two. Eighth starter Travis Saurer quickly moved into the top five while Olson led out front. The laps clicked off the board with Chris Mensen taking the lead after Jason Hoffman retired pitside with a breakdown. On lap six, the first yellow flag of the event waved over the speedway with Mensen still leading. On the restart, Saurer quickly moved into the second spot while Randy Laage ran in third. One lap would click off the board before Saurer took the lead from Mensen with a power move on the bottom of the speedway entering turn three. The yellow would wave once again with six laps remaining which stacked up the field two by two behind Saurer for the restart. The green dropped once again with Randy Laage moving into second ahead of Mensen. The rest of the field sliced and diced for position with Dusty Bitzan moving forward. After starting the event in the 13th position, Bitzan would move up seven spots to finish sixth at the checkers. Mensen was able to sneak by Laage on a late restart and close in on Saurer in the remaining laps but it was not enough as Saurer went on to take the win. Mensen turned in a great run coming home second with Laage third, William Lund fourth, and Josh “Buzz” Muzik fifth.

The WISSOTA Street Stock A-main proved to be a crazy one with a myriad of drivers having a chance at victory. Early on Chris Winter looked to be the driver to beat. Winter led out front until lap six when a lap car caused Winter and Justin Vogel to make contact entering turn one. The yellow flag would wave with Vogel assuming the point. Winter went pitside to have his machine looked over before returning to the speedway before the restart. The green waved once again it was apparent the fastest car on the speedway was the #33 of Brett Miller. Miller, who started 10th, was flying around the top side of the speedway putting pressure on Vogel, Blom, and Burrows. With four laps remaining, the yellow was shown once again which put Blom and Burrows right on the rear bumper of Vogel. The green flag dropped over the field once again with the first three drivers all making contact in the middle of turns one and two. Miller took advantage as he blasted by all three taking the lead momentarily down the backstretch. Miller, however, would hop over the banking off of the backstretch which brought out the yellow one final time. Miller would retire for the night with a flat right rear tire ending his bid for a win. With just two laps remaining, Vogel held tough and went on to take the victory. Blom looked strong from the get go taking home second ahead of Adam Burrows, Tim Jodsaas, and 14th starter David Goulet.

The WISSOTA Super Stock A-main provided fireworks at times but ultimately ended the same way it did on opening night. The scheduled 20-lapper was cut eight laps due to time restrictions with battles taking place all over the speedway. Although it was eight laps shorter than usual, it was still enough for Jeff Crouse to pick up his second win in as many starts at Viking. Crouse steadily moved forward from his ninth starting position taking the lead from Cory Tammen as the field took the white off of turn four. Crouse ran smoothly on the final lap and took the win. Derrick Lemke was able to sneak by Tammen as well to finish second with Jeff Flaten and Matt Miller also turning in top five performances. The WISSOTA Super Stocks boasted 26 entries, a season high at the high flying ½ mile.

Jason Thoennes stole the lead from Brock Gronwold entering turn three on the opening lap of the WISSOTA Modified A-main. Thoennes looked strong early on and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Fourth starter Travis Saurer quickly moved up to do battle with Gronwold for the second spot while Thoennes lengthened his lead out front. Saurer was able to move by Gronwold for the second spot on lap six while Cody Skytland quickly moved up four positions into fourth. As the laps clicked off the board, Saurer slowly but surely ran down Thoennes for the lead. Thoennes, however, remained smooth negotiating a few lapped cars in the process taking his first Viking Speedway win of the season in the process. Saurer settled for a hard fought second with Gronwold narrowly edging Skytland for third. Terry Engebretson rounded out the top five for the WISSOTA Modifieds, who started the feature 22 strong.

Zach Johnson and Pat Doar shared the front row starting duties for the Northern Late Model Racing Association’s (NLRA) 25-lap A-main. With the field stacked up 12 rows deep the green flag waved. Doar beat Johnson to turn one and took the lead via the high groove as the field moved through turn two. Doar looked strong earlier and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first circuit. Doar held a five car length advantage over Johnson who rode in second while Eric Breeschoten established himself in third. Jeff Wildung moved by Scott Greer on lap five while Shaun Peterson worked his way forward from his 12th starting position. A total of three yellow flags would halt action during the 25-lap affair with Doar completely in command each time. Back in traffic, Lance Mathees made a nice charge from deep in the field. Mathees started in the 18th starting position and finished in 11th. In the end it was Doar leading all 25-laps taking the victory. Johnson looked strong throughout the duration of the racing coming home second with Breeschoten third, Wildung fourth, and Scott Greer fifth. The 36 cars on hand were split up into four heat races with wins being collected by Greer, Doar, Johnson, and Breeschoten.

Viking Speedway is a ½ mile dirt track located on the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Alexandria, MN. Races start each and every Saturday night at 5:30. For more information regarding Viking Speedway log onto the track’s website at vikingspeedway.net.


WISSOTA Late Models:
Feature- Pat Doar, Zach Johnson, Eric Breeschoten, Jeff Wildung, Scott Greer, John Kaanta, Shaun Peterson, Mike Balcaen, Steve Laursen, Shawn Kirwin, Lance Mathees, Joey Pedersen, Brad Seng, Mitch Johnson, Joel Cryderman, Tommy Thompson, Ricky Weiss, Troy Schill, John Buchner, Mike Johnson, Bill Mooney, Rick Nelson, Matt Aukland, Harold Schill
Heat 1- Greer, Pedersen, Mitch Johnson, Balcaen, Herrick, Buchner, Cole Schill, Washburn, Schommer
Heat 2- Doar, Kaanta, Peterson, Laursen, Seng, Brede, Mathees, Atkinson, Parson
Heat 3- Breeschoten, Wildung, Kirwin, Weiss, Cryderman, Ogston, Schroeder, Logan Atkinson, Nelson
Heat 4- Zach Johnson, Mike Johnson, Thompson, Troy Schill, Aukland, Mooney, Holden, Josh Johnson, Harold Schill
B-main 1- Cryderman, Nelson, Herrick, Ogston, Buchner
B-main 2- Mathees, Aukland, Seng, Mooney, Brede

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature- Josh Thoennes, Travis Saurer, Brock Gronwold, Cody Skytland, Terry Engebretson, Josh Thoennes, Mike Storck, Jake Wildman, Luke Schilling, Dave Schroeder, Dwayne Clarke, Jason Blascyk, Kent Wilms, Dennis Bitzan, Dallas Gulbrandson, Kyle Koehntop, Brett Hoium, Tyler Sjoman, Randy Vanklompenburg, Mark Esala, Kyle Wieberdink, Shane Edgington
Heat 1- Blascyk, Skytland, Engebretson, Wildman, Storck, Schroeder, Esala, Edgington
Heat 2- Saurer, Bitzan, Wilms, Gulbrandson, Wieberdink, Koehntop, Hoium
Heat 3- Jason Thoennes, Josh Thoennes, Gronwold, Schilling, Clarke, Sjoman, Vanklompenburg

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature- Jeff Crouse, Derrick Lemke, Cory Tammen, Jeff Flaten, Matt Miller, Larry Lund, Kevin Robertson, Dominic Baker, Jeff Hapala, Mike Peterson, Jason Vejtruba, Jay Hedtke, Shawn Nolan, Joe Pellman, Cody Lee, Alan Johnson, Steve Weber, Terry Merten, Jeff Kluver, Jon Stepan, Rocky Yeats, Bryan Hellerman, Aaron Leininger, Lance Schilling, Erik Robertson, Todd Hauer
Heat 1- Miller, Tammen, Baker, Kevin Robertson, Hedtke, Lee, Johnson, Hauer, Kluver
Heat 2- Nolan, Lemke, Lund, Vejtruba, Pellman, Erik Robertson, Schilling, Yeats, Merten
Heat 3- Crouse, Stepan, Flaten, Hapala, Peterson, Weber, Leininger, Hellerman

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature- Travis Saurer, Chris Mensen, Randy Laage, William Lund, Josh Muzik, Dustin Bitzan, Brian Haben, Matt Suckow, Troy Berends, Brandon Spanswick, Travis Vanderby, Shawn Olson, Derek Quinn, Nick Bruder, Dan Greeley, Brett Johnson, Shawn Fernkes, Tim Mensen, Darrin Braaten, Brooke Hellerman, Jarrett Carter, Ben Godbee, Jason Hoffman, Brady Gerdes
Heat 1- Saurer, Laage, Haben, Bitzan, Godbee, Klose, Haack, Carter
Heat 2- Suckow, Muzik, Spanswick, Greeley, Mensen, Johnson, Rick Spanswick, Schleusner
Heat 3- Olson, Lund, Quinn, Braaten, Hellerman, Fernkes, Berends, Hanson
Heat 4- Mensen, Hoffman, Bruder, Troy Berends, Vanderby, Gerdes, Reents, Hintermeister, Ward
B-main- Gerdes, Fernkes, Carter, Johnson, Schleusner

WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature- Justin Vogel, Mark Blom, Adam Burrows, Tim Jodsaas, David Goulet, Andrew Bangsund, Justin Tammen, Chris Winter, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Kurt Deters, Russ Carlson, Doug Sik, Vernon Stewart, Brett Miller, Travis Berends
Heat 1- Vogel, Winter, Berends, Blom, Stewart, Jodsaas, Sik, Deters
Heat 2- Bangsund, Burrows, Maus-Krippner, Tammen, Miller, Carlson, Goulet

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