28 August 2011
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28 August 2011,

By Ray Beste
Alexandria, MN (August 28th, 2011) – Casey Mack stole the show picking up his second consecutive Northern Outlaw Sprint Association (NOSA) victory in as many year Saturday night at Viking Speedway. Speedway regular Jason Thoennes took top honors in the WISSOTA Modified A-main while Jeff Flaten reigned victorious in the WISSOTA Super Stock finale. Todd Berg claimed his first ever victory in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified main event while Justin Tammen scored the win in the WISSOTA Street Stock A-main. Fans and drivers from all over the Upper Midwest convened at the steeply banked ½ mile once again for some tremendous Amsoil Dirt Track Series Racing, Viking Speedway style.

The first event of the evening had the grandstand on their collective feet when local product Todd Berg held off a late surge from Travis Saurer to score his first ever WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature win. Saurer, who started the event in 22nd rallied for a second place finish ahead of 7th starter William Lund. Ninth starter Jason Hoffman and 12th starter Dustin Bitzan rounded out the top five running order for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, who drew 22 entries.

The WISSOTA Street Stock A-main was dominated by Clara City, MN driver Justin Tammen. Tammen jumped out front near the midway point of the race and stole the win from his eighth starting position. Jordan Tollakson, Justin Vogel, Tim Jodsaas, and Andrew Bangsund each turned in top five performances, as well.

The WISSOTA Super Stock A-main proved to be a dandy with Jeff Flaten and Jeff Crouse battling it out side by side for the victory. In the end it was Flaten taking the victory over Crouse, his second of the evening (makeup feature as well). Crouse, Steve Polich, Derrick Lemke, and Mike Peterson joined Flaten in the top five.

A very strong field of WISSOTA Modifieds witnessed Jason Thoennes take the win from his fourth starting position. Back in traffic, 19th starter Dave Schroeder looked very strong during the 20-lap affair finishing seventh at the line. Out front it was all Thoennes taking the win over Travis Saurer, Cody Skytland, Jason Blascyk, and Dwayne Clarke.

The Northern Outlaw Sprint Assocoiation (NOSA) Sprints rounded out the night’s festivities with Casey Mack taking home his second career Viking Speedway triumph. Lou Kennedy, Wade Nygaard, Kyle Fedyk, and Cory Mack all turned in top fives, as well.

The final regular race weekend of the season with take place this weekend when the traveling stars of the Northern Late Model Racing Association (NLRA) dropped in for a two complete show weekend. Races start Saturday and Saturday at 6:00. For more information log onto vikingspeedway.net.


NOSA Sprints:
Feature- Casey Mack, Lou Kennedy, Wade Nygaard, Kyle Fedyk, Cory Mack, Thomas Kennedy, Matt Wasmund, Jordan Graham, Brenden Wilde, Nick Shirek, Chris Shirek, Mitch Mack, Kohlen Fedyk, Chris Ranten, Zach Wilde, Jared Georges
Heat 1- Ca. Mack, C. Shirek, Nygaard, Ko. Fedyk, Co. Mack, Graham, B. Wilde
Heat 2- L. Kennedy, N. Shirek, Ky. Fedyk, Wasmund, Ranten, T. Kennedy

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature- Jason Thoennes, Travis Saurer, Cody Skytland, Jason Blascyk, Dwayne Clarke, Dennis Bitzan, Dave Schroeder, Josh Thoennes, Terry Engebretson, Bob Gierke, Dallas Gulbrandson, Jake Wildman, Curt Lund, Aaron Olson, Shane Bruns, Brady Gerdes, Scott Tofte, Mark Esala, Kent Wilms, Chris Prussman, Brock Gronwold, Brett Hoium, Mike Storck, Nate Heinrich
Heat 1- Clarke, Skytland, Engebretson, Esala, Prussman, Romdalvik, S. Tofte
Heat 2- Saurer, Bitzan, Heinrich, Jo. Thoennes, Wildman, Gierke, Gerdes
Heat 3- Gronwold, Blascyk, Gulbrandson, Storck, Schroeder, Loecken, Wilms
Heat 4- Ja. Thoennes, Hoium, Lund, Olson, Bruns, Koehntop, M. Tofte
B-main- Gerdes, Tofte, Gierke, Wilms, Loecken

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature- Jeff Flaten, Jeff Crouse, Steve Polich, Derrick Lemke, Mike Peterson, Larry Lund, Cody Lee, Cory Tammen, Matt Miller, Jon Stepan, Kevin Robertson, Bryan Hellerman, Dominic Baker, Trevor Saurer, Alan Johnson, Jason Cook, Jason Vejtruba, Jeff Kluver
Heat 1- Crouse, Tammen, Lemke, Johnson, Lee, Saurer, Stepan, Hellerman, Kluver
Heat 2- Peterson, Polich, Flaten, Lund, Robertson, Miller, Cook, Vejtruba, Baker

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature- Todd Berg, Travis Saurer, William Lund, Jason Hoffman, Dustin Bitzan, Josh Muzik, Randy Laage, Shawn Olson, Ron Saurer, Brooke Hellerman, Derek Quinn, Brady Gerdes, Darrin Braaten, Kyle Reents, Brandon Spanswick, Travis Vanderby, Dan Greeley, Brett Johnson, Josh Rieck, Brian Haben, Chris Mensen, Ryan Schleusner
Heat 1- Braaten, Berg, Haben, Gerdes, Olson, Laage, Johnson, Hellerman
Heat 2- T. Saurer, Lund, Schleusner, Reents, Vanderby, Rieck, Spanswick
Heat 3- Hoffman, R. Saurer, Muzik, Bitzan, Greeley, Mensen, Quinn

WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature- Justin Tammen, Jordan Tollakson, Justin Vogel, Tim Jodsaas, Andrew Bangsund, Josh Fredeen, Brett Miller, Mark Blom, Scott Huston, Adam Burrows, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Jake Huston, Derek Rieck, Chris Winter, Travis Berends
Heat 1- Miller, Fredeen, Bangsund, Jodsaas, Vogel, Blom, Rieck, Winter
Heat 2- Tammen, Tollakson, S. Huston, Maus-Krippner, J. Huston, Berends, Burrows

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