3 September 2011
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3 September 2011,

By Ray Beste
Alexandria, MN (September 3rd, 2011) – Nassau, MN legend Jeff Wildung once again proved why he is one of the best in the business scoring the Northern Late Model Racing Association (NLRA) Late Model feature win Saturday night at Viking Speedway. Cody Skytland remained on his tear taking top honors in the WISSOTA Modified finale while Jon Stepan tallied his first WISSOTA Super Stock feature win of the season. Travis Saurer (WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds) and Chris Winter (WISSOTA Street Stocks) each visited victory lane as well during night one of Viking Speedway’s Labor day doubleheader.

Chris Mensen would lead early and often but it was not enough to deny Travis Saurer yet another victory in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature event. Saurer moved by Mensen for the lead with four laps remaining, stretching his advantage on his way to victory. Mensen ran strong from the get go coming home in the second spot ahead of a hard charging Brian Haben, who started 11th. Randy Laage and Todd Berg rounded out the top five running order for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, who boasted 23 entries.

Hoffman, MN driver Chris Winter turned in one of the most dominating performances we’ve seen in quite some time scoring the win in the WISSOTA Street Stock finale. Winter blasted off from his outside row one starting position and quickly distanced himself from the rest of the field. Back behind, Brett Miller and Andrew Bangsund did their best to close in on Winter. In the end, however, it was Winter taking home the win in impressive fashion. Miller, Bangsund, Gary Reents and 10th starter Justin Vogel each turned in top five performances as well for the WISSOTA Street Stocks.

When Jeremy Jerve’s car pulled up lame with seven laps remaining, Jon Stepan took advantage taking the lead and ultimately the victory. Jerve worked his way out front early on from his fifth starting spot with Stepan in tow. Derrick Lemke moved up five positions during the 20-lap affair finishing in fifth behind Shawn Nolan. Out front it was Stepan taking home his first Viking Speedway win of the 2011 season. Cody Lee, Jeff Crouse, Nolan, and Lemke each were members of the top five, as well.

Not even the 9th starter position could slow him down as Cody Skytland took the lead away from Brett Hoium near the midway point of the race scoring yet another win in the WISSOTA Modified finale. Jason and Jason Thoennes moved forward as well battling for second during the ladder stages of the event with Jason taking the advantage. The elder Thoennes did everything in his power to track down Skytland but it was not enough to deny Cody yet another Viking Speedway win. Jason Thoennes, Josh Thoennes, Dennis Bitzan, and Hoium each claimed top five finishes with Terry Engebretson, Jeremy Kerzman, Danny Bayer, Dwayne Clarke, and Kyle Koehntop members of the top 10.

In the final event of the evening, Ricky Weiss was able to hold Jeff Wildung at bay for the first seven laps before Wildung took the advantage and eventually the win. The race, which was slowed several times by several accidents, witnessed a lot of hard charging efforts. West Fargo, ND youngster Cole Schill started the event in the 26th and spot and finished a very respectable 12th. Out front it was all Wildung taking the win over the ever rock steady, Brad Seng. Weiss, 10th starter Corey Nelson, and Joel Cryderman rounded out the top five for the NLRA Late Models, who drew 30 competitors.


WISSOTA Late Models:
Feature- Jeff Wildung, Brad Seng, Ricky Weiss, Corey Nelson, Joel Cryderman, Shaun Peterson, Corey Seckerson, Jeremy Keller, Michael Johnson, Dustin Virkus, Joey Ogston, Cole Schill, Harold Schill, Todd Frank, Mitch Johnson, Scott Lehn, Zach Johnson, Bill Mooney, Shawn Kirwin, Caley Emerson, Doug Herrick, Jeff Hinkemeyer, Adam Fischer, Troy Schill, Matt Aukland, Mike Balcaen
Heat 1- Weiss, Herrick, Nelson, Mike Johnson, Keller, Parson, C. Schill, Frank
Heat 2- Wildung, Seng, Hinkemeyer, Kirwin, Peterson, Virkus, Josh Johnson, Balcaen
Heat 3- Zach Johnson, Emerson, Mooney, H. Schill, Lehn, Ogston, Aukland
Heat 4- Mitch Johnson, Cryderman, T. Schill, Seckerson, Fischer, R. Nelson, Schommer
B-main- Virkus, Frank, Balcaen, Ogston, Nelson, Parson, Aukland, Josh Johnson, C. Schill, Schommer

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature- Cody Skytland, Jason Thoennes, Josh Thoennes, Dennis Bitzan, Brett Hoium, Terry Engebretson, Jeremy Kerzman, Danny Bayer, Dwayne Clarke, Kyle Koehntop, Dave Schroeder, Brady Gerdes, Travis Saurer, Curt Lund, Bob Gierke, Shane Bruns, Mark Esala, Jake Wildman, Pete Loecken, Scott Werk, Kyle Wieberdink, Dallas Gulbrandson, Jason Blascyk, Brock Gronwold
Heat 1- Skytland, Jo. Thoennes, Hoium, Bayer, Koehntop, Wildman, Werk, Gronwold
Heat 2- Blascyk, Kerzman, Wieberdink, Gerdes, Saurer, Lund, Bruns, Schroeder
Heat 3- Bitzan, Ja. Thoennes, Engebretson, Clarke, Gierke, Esala, Loecken, Gulbrandson
Make-up Feature- Jason Thoennes, Josh Thoennes, Kyle Koehntop, Terry Engebretson, Brett Hoium, Pete Loecken, Kyle Wieberdink, Dave Schroeder, Jason Blascyk, Travis Saurer, Dennis Bitzan, Dallas Gulbrandson, Shane Edgington, Mike Storck, Scott Tofte, Marshall Tofte, Aaron Olson

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature- Jon Stepan, Cody Lee, Jeff Crouse, Shawn Nolan, Derrick Lemke, Jay Hedtke, Larry Lund, Matt Miller, Alan Johnson, Bryan Hellerman, Jeremy Jerve, Mike Martin, Jeff Flaten, Dominic Baker, Mike Peterson
Heat 1- Nolan, Lee, Martin, Jerve, Lund, Johnson, Baker, Peterson
Heat 2- Stepan, Crouse, Flaten, Miller, Lemke, Hedtke, Hellerman

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature- Travis Saurer, Chris Mensen, Brian Haben, Randy Laage, Todd Berg, Brady Gerdes, Josh Muzik, William Lund, Ryan Schleusner, Darrin Braaten, Shawn Olson, Tyler Peterson, Travis Vanderby, Brooke Hellerman, Dan Greeley, Kelly Haack, Dustin Bluhm, Kenny Klaudt, Dustin Bitzan, Brandon Spanswick, Kyle Reents, Derek Quinn, Jason Hoffman
Heat 1- Saurer, Hoffman, Bitzan, Muzik, Vanderby, Haack, Greeley, Bluhm
Heat 2- Laage, Gerdes, Mensen, Haben, Lund, Olson, Peterson, Reents
Heat 3- Berg, Spanswick, Schleusner, Braaten, Quinn, Hellerman, Klaudt

WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature- Chris Winter, Brett Miller, Andrew Bangsund, Gary Reents, Justin Vogel, Jordan Tollakson, Adam Burrows, Jim Williams, Mark Blom, Tim Jodsaas, Scott Huston, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Russ Carlson, Jake Huston, Matt Kometz
Heat 1- Blom, Bangsund, Reents, Tollakson, Jodsaas, Williams, J. Huston, Maus-Krippner
Heat 2- Miller, Burrows, Winter, Huston, Vogel, Carlson, Kometz

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