2 September 2012
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2 September 2012,

The night after recording his first Viking Speedway Modified win, Jeff Wildung held off a hard charging Brad Seng to claim night 2 of the Labor Day NLRA Late Model special. The night’s Late Model event was also the Joe Salner Memorial. The win was Wildung’s second Mathaler Chevrolet WISSOTA Late Model win of the season at the track and third Salner Memorial win a row. Other drivers who found thier way to victory lane included, Travis Saurer in the Sower Power WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Justin Vogel in the Extreme Auto WISSOTA Street Stocks, Travis Berends in the Alexandria Refrigeration WISSOTA Super Stocks, and Jason Thoennes in the Morris Auto Plaza WISSOTA Modfieds. The season championship night was sponsored by Bobcat of Morris, Wildung Trucking Inc. of Nassua, and Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood.

With all the heat races in the books, twenty three of the twenty five scheduled starters, in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature, made the call and Chris Mensen used his outside pole starting spot to jump to an early lead over Jason Hoffman and Ron Saurer. Mensen would continue to lead until the yellow would fly over the speedway for Travis Vanderby who cut a tire in turn three. With the field reset Mensen once again vaulted to the lead with Hoffman, Jamie Thorstad, Travis Saurer, and Dusty Bitzan in tow. Mensen would contine to lead until lap 7 when his car began to smoke, due to an engine issue. Mensen would retire pitside and Thorstad inherited the lead. On the restart, Thorstad jumped to the high side of the track while Bitzan and Saurer did battle for the second spot. Saurer was able to get by Bitzan with three laps remaining and set his sights on Thorstad. As the cars were coming to the white flag Saurer was able to move by Thorstad. On the final circuit Thorstad lost the bite on his machine and slipped over the banking in turn two. Saurer would go on to claim the win ahead of Bitzan, Hoffman, William Lund, and Tim Ims rounded out the top five after starting in the fifteenth spot. With the win Saurer wrapped up his second straight speedway point championship. Heat winners in the class were Hoffman, Mensen, and Thorstad.

Tweleve WISSOTA Street Stocks lined up next for thier feature event. Mark Blom used his pole starting spot to jump to the early lead. Behind Blom the racing action was fast and furious as Justin Vogel worked his way from 8th to 3rd in a matter of two laps. Vogel was able to move into the second spot a couple laps later and began his assult on Blom for the lead. The duo would go on to wage a great battle until lap six when Vogel was able to overtake Blom on the backstretch. From there Vogel would go on to lead the last six laps in route to his third Viking Speedway win of the season. Blom turned in a solid second place finish, Justin Tammen was third, Adam Burrows was fourth, and Chris Winter was scored fifth. With the fourth place finish Burrows claimed the 2012 track title in his first year of full time Viking Speedway competition. Ryan Satter and Vogel were victorious in heat race action.

Current NLRA point leader Ricky Weiss and Brad Seng, who sits second in NLRA points, paced the very talented twenty three car WISSOTA Late Model field to the green. At the drop of the green Weiss was able to clear Seng and gain the early advantage with Jeff Wildung lurking in third. The top three would begin to break away from the field. Meanwhile back in traffic, Zach Johnson and Don Shaw began thier march to the front. The running order would remain the same until lap 14 when Weiss, who was leading, made contact with a lap car and cut a rear tire. After going to the work area, Weiss would tag the end of the field for the restart. Up front Seng lead Wildung and Shaw to the green. Wildung was able to use the high side of the speedway and gain an advantage on Seng as the field began to shake out. Over the final 11 laps Seng would try everything in his power to find a line around Wildung but to no avail as Wildung held on for the Salner Memorial win. Seng came home second, Shaw third, Johnson fourth, and Late Model rookie Dustin Strand was fifth. Wildung, Seng, and Weiss were victorious in heat race action. Wildung also claimed the 2012 track championship with the win.

Josh Thoennes blasted to the early lead in the twenty seven car WISSOTA Modified amain with Dwayne Clarke in tow. Thoennes would continue to work the high side of the speedway as the rest of field jockied for position behind him. Near the midway point of the race, Jason Thoennes was able to get around Dave Schroeder and moved into the second spot. Jason would then set his sights on brother Josh and the brothers would race side by side for the next handful of laps. After an intense battle with Josh on the high side and Jason on the low side, Jason was able to clear Josh and raced to a lead. Meanwhile, last nights winner, Jeff Wildung began to find speed on the outside of the track as he moved into the second spot. Wildung then set his sights on Jason and closed the gap in a matter of two laps. Over the course of the final five laps Wildung would try to low side of the speedway, but Thoennes was too strong on the top side. Thoennes would cruise to his sixth Viking Speedway win of the season. Wildung continues to show strength in his modified and came home second, Dave Schroeder closed out a great season with a third place finish, Josh Thoennes was fourth, and Cody Skytland raced from 12th to fifth. Travis Saurer was crowned track champion in the class for the second straight season with an eighth place finish. Brady Gerdes, Josh Thoennes, and Schroeder recorded heat race wins earlier in the evening.

The final event of the 2012 racing season was the fifteen car WISSOTA Super Stock feature. Rookie driver, Travis Berends bolted from his second starting spot to take the lead over fourth starter Cory Tammen. The duo would race out to a big lead, while Jeff Crouse and Trevor Saurer battled for the number three and four spots. Berends and Tammen would continue to race side by side for the duration of the event with Berends holding on to capture his first Viking Speedway Super Stock feature. Tammen held off a hard charging Crouse for second, Crouse was scored third, Saurer capped off a great racing season with a fourth place finish, and Jay Hedtke turned in his best Viking run of the year in fifth. Jon Stepan was crowned track champion after a seventh place finish in the main event. Crouse and Mike Peterson turned in heat race wins in the class.

That will conclude the regular racing season at the high flyin’ half mile, located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. The track will now sit idle until October 4th when the 10th Annual Viking Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports will kick off, with all six WISSOTA divisions in action. For the latest information regarding all things Viking Speedway please visit the track online at www.vikingspeedway.net. For more information on the Fall Classic please visit www.fyemotorsports.com. You may also like the track on Facebook.


WISSOTA Late Models:

Heat 1: Wildung, S. Peterson, Brede, Schill, Johnson, Kirwin, Parson, D. Peterson

Heat 2: Seng, Frank, Mooney, Anderson, Balcaen, Corcoran, C. Nelson, Olson

Heat 3: Weiss, Strand, Shaw, Edginton, Emerson, Washburn, R. Nelson

Feature: Jeff Wildung, Brad Seng, Don Shaw, Zach Johnson, Dustin Strand, Todd Frank, Seth Brede, Troy Schill, Shaun Peterson, Ricky Weiss, Rick Nelson, Corey Nelson, Mike Balcaen, Caley Emerson, Clarence Washburn, Tom Corcoran, Brad Parson, Norm Olson, Shane Edginton, Steve Anderson, Shawn Kirwin, Bill Mooney, Dusty Peterson

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Heat 1: Gerdes, Clarke, Bitzan, Jegtvig, Hoium, Blascyk, Strachan, Merten, Storck

Heat 2: Jo. Thoennes, Saurer, Wildung, Esala, Richardson, S. Tofte, Wildman, Reents, Gulbrandson

Heat 3: Schroeder, Ja. Thoennes, Lund, Skytland, Gronwold, Koehntop, Gierke, M. Tofte, Nystrom

Feature: Jason Thoennes, Jeff Wildung, Dave Schroeder, Josh Thoennes, Cody Skytland, Dennis Bitzan, Brady Gerdes, Travis Saurer, Curt Lund, Blake Jegtvig, Bobby Gierke, Brock Gronwold, Jay Richardson, Scott Tofte, Jake Wildman, Kyle Reents, Mark Esala, Jim Nystrom, Marshall Tofte, Mike Storck, Brett Hoium, Kyle Koehntop, Dwayne Clarke, Jason Blascyk, Glen Strachan, Terry Merten, Dallas Gulbrandson

WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Heat 1: Crouse, Johnson, Tammen, Miller, Saurer, Lee, Baker, Lemke

Heat 2: Peterson, Berends, Hedtke, Stepan, Slinden, Leininger, Kluver

Feature: Travis Berends, Cory Tammen, Jeff Crouse, Trevor Saurer, Jay Hedtke, Mike Peterson, Jon Stepan, Matt Miller, Alan Johnson, Derrick Lemke, Jeff Kluver, Cody Lee, Chris Slinden, Aaron Leininger, Dominic Baker

WISSOTA Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Vogel, Miller, Bangsund, Blom, Yeats, Stafford

Heat 2: Satter, Burrows, Tammen, Winter, Hedtke, Fischer

Feature: Justin Vogel, Mark Blom, Justin Tammen, Adam Burrows, Chris Winter, Ryan Satter, Brett Miller, Jake Fischer, Andrew Hedtke, Scott Stafford, Andrew Bangsund, Rocky Yeats

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Heat 1: Hoffman, R. Saurer, Laage, Braaten, Lund, Ty. Vanderby, Froemming, Rice, Suckow

Heat 2: Mensen, Bitzan, Zimmerman, Muzik, Tr.Vanderby, Kerzman, Karl, Swenson

Heat 3: Thorstad, T. Saurer, Olson, Hintermeister, Ims, Caul, Bluhm, Strachan

Feature: Travis Saurer, Dusty Bitzan, Jason Hoffman, William Lund, Tim Ims, Jaime Thorstad, Josh Muzik, Ron Saurer, Brady Caul, Justin Froemming, Zach Hintermeister, Shawn Olson, Tyler Vanderby, Dustin Karl, Dan Rice, Blake Swenson, Jeremy Kerzman, Brody Strachan, Scott Zimmerman, Dustin Bluhm, Chris Mensen, Randy Laage, Travis Vanderby, Darrin Braaten, Matt Suckow

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