3 June 2013
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3 June 2013,

By: Ryan Schmitz All the Dirt Racing News

Two time WISSOTA Modified national champion, Blake Jegtvig, held off a hard charging Cody Skytland and picked up the $750 payday on Beck’s Mod Night at the high flying half mile. Other drivers who found their way to victory lane on a cold windy evening included, Travis Saurer in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Justin Vogel in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, and Cory Tammen in the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Benson, MN driver Ben Johnson picked up his second straight win in the pure stock division. The night’s program was sponsored by Beck’s Radiator, Americinn of Alexandria, and Henry’s Foods.

Twenty WISSOTA Midwest modifieds lined up to do battle in the first feature event of the evening. Rookie driver, Andrew Bangsund, and local driver Zach Hintermeister led the field to the green. At the drop of the green, Hintermeister jumped to the lead with Bangsund sliding into the second spot. Sixth starter Dennis Czech used the low side of the speedway to join the battle near the front of the pack. Czech and Bangsund became locked in a battle the second spot as Hintermeister continued to pace the field. The yellow would fly over the speedway with ten laps remaining when Haley Lee spun in turn four. Hintermeister led the field to the green once more and as the cars entered turn one, Travis Saurer put his 21x machine on the cushion and raced to the lead. Czech was also able to make his way around Hintermeister and the top two cars moved out to a comfortable lead over Bangsund and Hintermeister. The caution came out once more for veteran driver Terry Merten as his car slowed on the back chute. During the yellow flag period Hintermeister retired to the pits after breaking suspension parts. This put Czech and Bangsund on Saurer’s bumper as the field came to the green. Saurer blasted to the high side of the track and continued to stretch his advantage over the field. Behind Saurer, tenth starter Jamie Thorstad and thirteenth starter Tim Ims worked their way into the top five as they battled with Czech and Bangsund. With four laps remaining Kelly Haack slid of the back stretch bringing out the final yellow of the main event. With the green back out, Saurer continued to dominate and he raced to his second straight win. Thorstad ended up with a solid second place finish, Czech was third, Ims climbed to fourth, and Bangsund turned in his strongest finish of the season finishing fifth. Czech, Jason Hoffman, and Shawn Olson raced to heat race wins earlier in the evening.

Rookie Durand Peterson and Chris Winter sat on the front row of the thirteen car WISSOTA street stock feature. At the drop of the green, fourth place starter, Mark Blom quickly moved around the duo and raced into the lead with Justin Vogel in tow. Blom would continue to lead until the yellow came out on lap four when Winter and Kurt Becken made contact near the flag stand, bringing out the first yellow of the event. Head flag man Layne Roberts brought the field to life once more and Blom and Vogel once again locked horns for the top spot. Vogel was able to make the pass on Blom exiting turn four on lap six. The caution would fly once more on lap six when Ryan Satter slipped over the banking in turn four. This time Vogel led Blom and Brad Schmidt to the green. As the cars exited turn two on the ensuing lap, Adam Burrows lost control of his 18b machine and Satter would roll over after making contact with Burrows. After a brief red flag period, to clean up the incident, Vogel once again led Blom and Schmidt to the green. Before the field could complete a lap, Ryan Pommerer spun in turn four after contact with another car bringing out the caution once more. During the caution period Schmidt would pull his car to the infield with mechanical problems. Vogel led the field to the green once more and jumped back to the lead with Blom in tow. The field would be slowed by caution once more time with five to go when a brief shower moved over the speedway. After the delay, Vogel put his number 10 machine on the high side of the track to claim his first win of the season. Blom was second, Pommerer was third, Brett Miller crossed the line fourth, and Rogers, MN traveler Becken was fifth. Burrows and Schmidt were victorious in heat race action.

Derek Quinn, a rookie in the super stock class, and Cory Tammen paced twelve WISSOTA super stocks to the green for their twenty lap feature event. Tammen wasted no time jumping to the lead, as Quinn battled with Jon Stepan and Trevor Saurer for the second spot. The three drivers were quickly joined by eighth starter Jeff Crouse, as he raced up to join the party. Crouse was able to work his way around Quinn and Saurer, then raced up to battle Stepan. Out front Tammen continued to lead, as Crouse and Stepan battled for the second spot. With ten laps in the books, Crouse cleared Stepan and set his sights on Tammen. With eight laps remaining Crouse made a power move to the low side of the speedway and passed Tammen as the cars came to the flag stand. Tammen used the low side of the speedway to regain the lead as the cars exited turn two and headed down the back chute. As the cars entered turn three, Tammen drove his car to the low side and Crouse picked the high side. Crouse was able complete the pass and jumped to the lead. Crouse would lead the next lap until the yellow would fly for Cody Lee, who jumped the cushion and went off turn four. During the caution period, Crouse’s car would lose the radiator on his machine, ending his evening. This put Tammen back in the lead with Stepan and Saurer on his bumper. One more yellow would slow the action with four laps to go when Lee lost the bite on his number 50 machine and stalled in turn four. Tammen once again led the field to the green and is was apparent that no one had anything for him as he raced to the win. Stepan was second, Saurer ended up third, Mike Peterson was fourth, and Quinn continued his strong start to the season with a fifth place finish. Crouse and Stepan were winners in the two heat races for the division.

The final event of the evening belonged to the high powered WISSOTA modifieds. Blake Jegtvig and Brett Hoium led the twenty two car field to the green and Jegtivg quickly bolted to the lead over Hoium and Cody Skytland. Jegtvig continued to build his lead as Hoium and Skytland battled for the second spot. Skytland was able to clear Hoium on lap three and began to close Jegtvig’s advantage lap after lap. The red flag would fly over the speedway on lap five for a scary incident entering turn three. Glenwood, MN driver Dave Schroeder rolled violently off the banking and ended up in the trees off turn three. It was reported by track announcer, Ron Krog, the Schroeder was not injured and the track crew quickly went to work to clean up the incident. With the track cleared, Jegtivg once again bolted to the lead with Skytland in tow. The top two continued to race away from the field as Hoium was locked in a battle with Brady Gerdes for the third spot. With seven laps remaining Skytland worked his way to the bottom of the track in an attempt to pass Jegtvig. Skytland’s car hit a rough patch on the speedway and his car washed up the track allow Jegtivg to stretch his advantage. The margin between the two would continue to be the same over the remaining six laps as Jegtvig raced to the win. Skytland had to settle for second, Hoium turned in a strong third place finish, Gerdes was fourth, and Kyle Koehntop finished in the number five spot. Travis Saurer, Hoium, and Koehntop were winners in the divisions three heat races.

The Viking Speedway is located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Alexandria, MN. The speedway will be back in action, Saturday June 9th, with all six classes in action. For the latest speedway information, please visit the track’s online home at www.vikingspeedway.net or like the track on facebook.


WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature: Blake Jegtvig, Cody Skytland, Brett Hoium, Brady Gerdes, Kyle Koehntop, Jason Thoennes, Josh Thoennes, Travis Saurer, Dave Cain, Mike Storck, Dennis Bitzan, Jeremy Nelson, Jake Wildman, Brandon Aggen, Phil Braun, Terry Engebretson, Jeff Flaten, Delray Dextra, Dave Schroeder, Danny Bayer, Todd Berg, Mark Esala

Heat 1: Saurer, Gerdes, Jegtvig, Ja. Thoennes, Nelson, Schroeder, Aggen, Bayer

Heat 2: Hoium, Skytland, Bitzan, Engebretson, Braun, Dextra, Wildman

Heat 3: Koehntop, Jo. Thoennes, Cain, Esala, Flaten, Berg, Storck

WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature: Cory Tammen, Jon Stepan, Trevor Saurer, Mike Peterson, Derek Quinn, Derrick Lemke, Alan Johnson, Matt Miller, Cody Lee, Jeff Crouse, Rocky Yeats, Jeff Kluver

Heat 1: Stepan, Saurer, Tammen, Miller, Yeats, Lee

Heat 2: Crouse, Quinn, Peterson, Lemke, Johnson, Kluver

WISSOTA Street Stocks:

Feature: Justin Vogel, Mark Blom, Brett Miller, Ryan Pommerer, Kurt Becken, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Luke Lick, Vern Stewart, Durand Peterson, Brad Schmidt, Ryan Satter, Adam Burrows, Chris Winter

Heat 1: Schmidt, Miller, Blom, Vogel, Pommerer, Maus-Krippner, Satter

Heat 2: Burrows, Peterson, Becken, Winter, Lick, Stewart

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature: Travis Saurer, Jamie Thorstad, Dennis Czech, Tim Ims, Andrew Bangsund, Josh Muzik, Dusty Bitzan, Jason Hoffman, Justin Froemming, Randy Laage, Tim Menson, Ron Saurer, Chad Vanoverbeke, Haley Lee, Tyler Vanderby, Kelly Haack, Dustin Bluhm, Shawn Olson, Zach Hintermeister, Terry Merten

Heat 1: Czech, T. Saurer, Bangsund, Thorstad, Ims, Haack, Merten

Heat 2: Hoffman, Bitzan, Hintermeister, Laage, R. Saurer, Vanoverbeke, Lee

Heat 3: Olson, Froemming, Muzik, Bluhm, Vanderby, Mensen

Pure Stocks:

Feature: Ben Johnson, Lee Kramer, Jeremy McAdams, Eric Gardner

Heat: Kramer, Johnson, McAdams, Gardner

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