21 August 2013
Category: News
21 August 2013,

Clarification of the draw redraw for “THE 4444” Sunday Sept 1st, 2013 at Viking Speedway

There will be the draw at registration by computer, then we arrange 4 heats to run 10 laps per heat. We will then award two redraws per heat, one going to the winner of the heat, the second to the driver with the most passing points in that heat. If the winner of the heat also has the most passing points, then he will given two redraws and his choice. The driver with the second most passing points in that heat would then be awarded the other drawn position. The first eight starting positions for THE 4444.

The next eight starting position for the feature will be awarded by passing points from all four heat races. Then a B Main will be run from which 6 cars will advance to the feature. There will be four provisional starting positions, two to be determined by the NLRA and two by the sponsors. In case of ties on passing points, will use the original draw number with the lower number being the winner.

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