8 August 2013
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8 August 2013,

By Ron Krog
Alexandria,Mn Aug 3)With several point battles up for grabs it looks like the month of August at Viking Speedway will be a wild one.As a matter of fact Dusty Bitzen came into the evening with 2 point lead over Jamie Thorstad in the WISSOTA Midwest Mod class and left the evening with a 1 point lead.Heat 1 saw a family affair as Ron Saurer grabbed the early lead and then went side by side with his son Travis Saurer for 4 laps before Travis took charge for the win followed by Ron and Josh Muzik.Heat 2 saw Jamie Thorstad jump out front and fight off Jason Hoffman for the win with Andrew Bangsund charging from 6th to finish 3rd.Dusty Bitzen passed Tyler Vanderby for the win in heat 3 with Kurt Deters taking 2nd ahead of Vanderby.The feature was a wild one with several cautions for mostly minor things,but the racing was excellent as Ron Saurer took the lead and for 11 laps and held it until Travis Saurer came from his number 8 starting spot to pass him and hold on for the win.Thorstad ended up 3rd with Bitzen 4th and Corey Storck ending up 5th after starting 14th.

The WISSOTA Streets came out flying as Mark Blom ran a solid race to win heat 1 followed by last weeks winner Justin Vogel.Adam Burrows grabbed the 2nd heat race with Justin Tammen and Shane Kruger trying to chase him down.Kruger jumped out to a nice lead in the feature as Burrows and Blom battled behind him.On lap 6 Burrows made a pass for the lead and went on for the win with Kruger fighting off Blom and Ryan Satter for 2nd.

Jeff Kluver has had a long season and you knew he was too good to keep on struggling and finally he came out of his heat race with a hard fought win over Trevor Saurer who took 2nd ahead of Jeff Crouse and Matt Miller.the second heat saw Jon Stepan fight off Cory Tammen and Cody Lee for the win.Another driver who could really use a victory is Rocky Yeats and for 17 laps he held off a strong WISSOTA Super Stock field with Kluver,Saurer,Miller then finally Crouse all taking shots at him but each time he stayed cool then after battling Crouse for 11 laps they dove into turn 3 hard with Crouse diving underneath and sliding past for the lead and the win with Tammen chasing him ahead of Yeats and Saurer.

There is a lot good young talent in the WISSOTA Modified class and one name you will hear a lot if is Brady Gerdes as he rolled to a win in heat 1 followed by a who’s who of Mod drivers as Josh Thoennes took 2nd with Don Shaw,Travis Saurer and Cody Skytland close behind.One of the fastest Mods in the area right now is Dave Schroeders #18 he came from 6th to win his heat followed by his old buddy from the Mod Nationals Jason Grimes and Jason Thoennes.Travis Saurer continued his strong evening as he jumped to the lead of the feature with Don Shaw and Cody Skytland battling for 2nd,the 3 drivers broke away from the pack and by lap 18 Shaw had closed in on Saurer,but on this evening Saurer was just to strong as he took the win with Shaw and Skytland not far behind.

It was a small field of WISSOTA Late Models as several drivers took in some specials but the talent pool was still very deep with Don Shaw blasting to a win in the heat with Zach Johnson grabbing 2nd and Jeff Wildung coming from 7th to finish 3rd.In the feature Shaw took the early lead with Casey Meyer,Wildung and Johnson all running close,then on lap 12 in lapped traffic Wildung made a gutsy pass to take the lead and look like he had another victory in the bank but a flat tire on lap 17 put him in the pits with Johnson in the lead as he had gotten by Shaw to take the win with Shaw 2nd and Casey Meyer 3rd.

In the non WISSOTA support class Pure Stocks Lee Kramer grabbed his 3rd win of the season as he fought off Brock Volker.The WISSOTA AMSOIL Dirt Track Series resumes next Saturday with a full lineup of WISSOTA Late Models,Mods,Super Stocks,Midwest Mods,Streets Pure Stocks all running.It will be a special night as Jeff Hinkemeyer and Tom Carlson are inducted into the Viking Speedway Hall of Fame.The green flag drops at 6 pm.

WISSOTA Midwest Mods:
Feature – Travis Saurer, Ronald Saurer, Thorstad, Bitzan, Storck, Olson, Deters, Vanderby, Muzik, Bangsund, Johnson, Ricks, Hoffman, Marquardt, Lee, Hintermeister, Kerzman
Heat 1 – Travis Saurer, Ronald Saurer, Josh Muzik, Jeremy Kerzman, Zach Hintermeister, Wyatt Ricks
Heat 2 – Jamie Thorstad, Jason Hoffman, Andrew Bangsund, Shawn Olson, Corey Storck, Haley Lee
Heat 3 – Dustin Bitzan, Kurt Deters, Tyler Vanderby, Donny Marquardt, Dalton Johnson

WISSOTA Streets:
Feature – Burrows, Kruger, Blom, Satter, Winter, Dykhoff, Peterson, Miller, Maus-Krippner, Lundeen, Stewart, Vogel, Tammen, Lick
Heat 1 – Mark Blom, Justin Vogel, Durand Peterson, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Chris Winter, Vernon Stewart, Luke Lick
Heat 2 – Adam Burrows, Justin Tammen, Shane Kruger, Brett Miller, Ryan Satter, Kyle Dykhoff, Chuck Lundeen

WISSOTA Pure Stocks:
Feature – Kramer, Brock Volker, Kunz, Larson Tony Volker
Heat 1 – Lee Kramer, Brock Volker, David Larson, Travis Kunz, Tony Volker

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature – Crouse, Tammen, Yeats, Saurer, Lee, Miller, Stepan, Lemke, Kluver, Morehart, Galbraith, Winter, Quinn, Koch, Peterson
Heat 1 – Jeff Kluver, Trevor Saurer, Jeff Crouse, Matt Miller, Derrick Lemke, Chris Winter, Harland Morehart, Dexton Koch
Heat 2 – Jon Stepan, Cory Tammen, Cody Lee, Rocky Yeats, Derek Quinn, David Galbraith, Mike Peterson

Feature – Saurer, Shaw, Skytland, Josh Thoennes, Bayer, Jason Thoennes, Gerdes, Storck, Hoium, Flaten, Schroeder, Koehntop, Berg, Grimes
Heat 1 – Brady Gerdes, Josh Thoennes, Don Shaw, Travis Saurer, Cody Skytland, Mike Storck, Todd Berg
Heat 2 – Dave Schroeder, Jason Grimes, Jason Thoennes, Danny Bayer, Jeff Flaten, Brett Hoium, Kyle Koehntop

WISSOTA Late Models:
Feature – Johnson, Shaw, Casey Meyer, Nelson, Zimmerman, Lehn, Shawn Meyer, Michaelsohn, Wildung
Heat 1 – Don Shaw, Zach Johnson, Jeff Wildung, Casey Meyer, Rick Nelson, Scott Lehn, Dave Zimmerman, Billy Michaelsohn, Shawn Meyer

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