7 July 2014
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7 July 2014,

By: Ryan Schmitz All the Dirt Racing News:


Fargo, ND driver Austin Arneson held off former Mod Nationals champions, Scot Danziesen and Dale Mathison to win the 10th Annual MN Modified Nationals Championship, presented by Performance Auto, on a beautiful Sunday evening. In doing so, Arneson picked up the biggest win of his young career and the largest modified payout in WISSOTA history, $10,001. In other WISSOTA action, Shane Sabraski picked up wins in both the Midwest Modified and Super Stock divisions. The night’s festivites were sponsored by Allstate Insurance and Elden’s Fresh Foods.

A stong field of eleven Alexandria Refrigeration WISSOTA Super Stocks took to the track for their fifteen lap feature event. Head flagman, Mike Blom, dropped the green and Shane Sabraski wasted no time jumping to the highside of the track and claimed the lead. As the cars entered the back chute on the opening lap, Jeff Crouse had moved his Dairy Queen South machine into the second spot after starting in the number eight spot. Rice, MN driver Dexton Koch was able to make a pass on Crouse on the following circuit and moved into the second spot behind Sabraski. The lone caution of the event would fly with eight laps remaining when Derek Quinn slid off the banking in turn two. Sabraski paced the field to the green and again moved to the lead with Koch in second. The battle for third began to heat up as Trevor Saurer moved to the inside of Crouse and completed a pass on lap ten. Out front Sabraski continued to widen his lead, while Saurer raced up to challenge Koch for the number two spot. Sabraski cruised to the win, with Saurer in second, Koch third, Crouse in the number four spot, and Mike Peterson rounded out the top five.

After a b-main trimmed the field down to twenty four cars, the Sower Power WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds took to the speedway. At the drop of the green, Shane Sabraski shot to the high side of the track and into the lead while Mack Estey and Cody Lee battled for the number two spot. The car on the move was Jason Vandekamp, as he quickly moved into fourth behind Sabraski, Estey and Lee. Estey made a strong move to the low side of the speedway, but Sabraski continued to lead when the race was checkered due to a multi car accident and time constraints. Sabraski was declared the winner, Estey settled for second, Lee was third, Vandekamp came home fourth, and Jamie Thorstad rounded out the top five.

Matt Gilbertson and Zach Johnson paced the first of three b mains, for the WISSOTA modifieds, to the green and Gilbertson shot out to the early lead with Johnson in tow. Before a lap could be completed, the yellow would blink over the speedway for Shane Sabraski, who jumped the banking in turn one. With the field reset, Gilbertson jumped back to the lead with Johnson settling into the second spot. The real battle on the speedway was between Dave Cain and Kyle Hoium for the number three spot, as both drivers looked for a way to claim the final transfer spot into the feature event. As the laps continued to tick down, Gilbertson continued to stretch his lead. Gilbertson would go on to win the twenty lap event, followed by Johnson and Cain.

B-main two was paced to the green by a pair of Nelsons, Jeremy and Darrell. At the drop of the green Jeremy moved to the highside of the track and raced to the lead ahead of Darrell. USMTS standout, Rodney Sanders settled into the third spot, after a battle with Corky Thomas for the position. Six laps into the race, Sanders car suffered a broken axel, which brought out the caution for the first time in the twenty lap race. Sanders would retire pitside and that put Thomas into the third and final transfer spot. Jeremy Nelson moved back into the lead with Darrell in second, and the action once again heated up for the third spot, when Blake Jegtvig found the bite on the bottom of the speedway. Jegtvig continued to work the low side while Thomas worked the top. With six laps remaining Jegtvig completed the pass and moved into the critical third spot behind Jeremy and Darrell. Jeremy Nelson would go on to win the b-main, followed by Darrell Nelson, and Jegtvig, who started in the number eleven spot.

The third and final b-main for the modifieds rolled onto the speedway and the father son duo of Bob and Johnny Broking led the field to the green. Bob blasted to the lead with son, Johnny in tow. A scary moment occured on lap three when Danny Bayer, who was running in the third spot, had an on board fire and spun to a stop on the front stretch. The fire was extinguised and Bayer was checked out by medical personel on site. With the field lined back up, Bob Broking once again broke out to the lead. The driver on the move was Dev Malmlov, who began his march to the front after starting in the number ten spot. With eight laps remaining Malmlov moved into the final transfer spot and set his sights on Andy Gordon for second. Malmlov would complete the pass and move into second, but out front Bob Broking continued to cruise to the win, with Malmlov in second, and Gordon picking up the third transfer spot.

The final chance to make it to the big dance, the modified last chance qualifier, rolled onto the speedway next and Corky Thomas jumped to the early lead, followed by fellow Fargo driver Casey Arneson. Thomas continued to lead when the first caution came out on lap two for Tyler Peterson and Tyler Limoges, who slipped off the track in turn one. With the field reset, Thomas once again bolted to the lead with Arneson in hot pursuit. As the laps continued to tick down, Thomas continued to hold a slim margin over Arneson and went on to claim the final spot in the 70 lap main event, later in the evening.

Mark Esala led the WISSOTA modified non qualifer feature to the green and moved to the early lead over Jamie Trautner and Phil Braun. Esala continued to build his advantage while Braun settled into the second spot and set his sights on the lead. The caution would come out over the speedway on lap eight when Ulen, MN driver, Cody Erickson spun in turn one and collected Tim Thomas and Brian Haben. Erickson and Thomas would retire pitside, while Haben was able to continue. Back up front Esala continued to lead, while Trautner moved into the number two spot after passing Braun on the restart. Esala would hold on for the remaining laps to pick up the $1000 win, followed by Trautner, Brady Gerdes, Jason Blasyck, and Haben.

Austin Arneson and Dale Mathison paced the star studded, twenty nine car, WISSOTA modified feature to the green, for the 70 lap, $10,001 feature event. At the drop of the green, Mathison made a power move and quickly moved ahead of Arneson, along with Joey Jensen who settled into the number two spot. On lap two, fourth starting, and last year’s mod nationals champion, Jason Grimes slipped over the banking causing him to move to the back of the field. With six laps in the books, Travis Saurer, who was running in the top fifteen, slowed and pulled into the infield pit area, with mechanical issues. Back up front Mathison continued to lead Jensen and Arneson, when the first caution came out, with only ten laps in the books, for Zach Johnson. Johnson was able to make a quick tire change and tagged the end of the field. Mathison paced the field to the green and Arneson moved to the extreme highside of the speedway and completed the pass on both Mathison and Jensen to move back into the lead. With Arneson in firm control out front, and Mathison running a solid second, Kelley Estey moved into the third spot, with Jason Thoennes in fourth. The second caution of the event would come out on lap eighteen for Dev Malmlov’s whose Performance Auto machine came to a stop on the back chute. This put Mathison and Estey on Arneson’s back bumper for the restart and Arneson once again moved out to the lead while Mathison and Estey battled for second. Meanwhile, back in traffic, Mike Stearns began his charge to the front and moved into the top five with forty nine laps remaining. Stearns was able to clear Estey for third with forty three laps remaining and set his sights on Mathison for the second spot. Arneson continued to lead the field to the fuel stop yellow, on lap thirty, with Mathison in second, Stearns third, Estey fourth, and Scot Danziesen in fifth. With the cars refueled, Arneson lead Mathison and Stearns to the green and jumped back to the cushion and into the lead, while Mathison and Stearns locked horns for the second spot. The caution would once again come out with thirty seven laps left on the board, when Dennis Bitzan shot off the banking in turn one. Arneson led the field to the green and moved his machine back to the cushion and took off to a nice lead while Stearns and Danziesen looked for a way around Mathison for second. With twenty three laps remaining Stearns machine jumped the cushion allowing Danzeisen to get by and get into the third spot behind Arneson and Mathison. Mathison continued to look for a way around Arneson, but to no avial. The caution would come out once more, when fifth place running, Cody Skytland cut a tire on the front chute. Skytland was able to make a tire change and tagged the end of the field with only nineteen laps remaining. On the ensuing restart, Mathison’s car struggled to get off the line and Danzeisen was able to move into the second spot and began his assult on Arneson. Lap after lap Danzeisen moved his familiar orange machine to the low side of the speedway in an attempt to take the lead. With fifteen laps remaining, Danziesen made a strong run to the low side of turn two and took the lead as the cars motored down the back chute. As the leaders entered turn three, Arneson blasted to the highside of the track and the duo raced side by side to the flagstand. Arneson gained the advantage once again, while Danzeisen settled into the second spot. Meanwhile, back in traffic, the duo of Dave Cain and Blake Jegtvig had moved into the top ten after starting in the number twenty two and twenty three spots respectivly when the caution came out again with ten laps remaining for a Jeremy Nelson spin in turn two. This put Danziesen and Mathison back on Arneson’s back bumper one more time, but once again Arneson was able to fight off the duo. The final yellow would fly with only two laps remaining, when Darrell Nelson slowed on the back stretch. This would set up a green-white-checkered finish for the big prize. Arneson led the field to the green and planted his right rear on the cushion, while Danziesen and Mathison looked to the low side, but Arneson would continue to lead as the pack took the white flag. On the final lap, Arneson began to pull away and raced to the $10,001 win ahead of Danziesen, Skytland who raced back to third, Mathison, and Jason Thoennes rounded out the top five.

The Viking Speedway is a high banked half mile speedway located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Alexandria, MN. The speedway, along with it’s board of directors and FYE Motorsports would like to thanks all the race teams, fans, and sponsors for being a part of an exciting weekend. The track will be back in action, Saturday July 12th, with all regular classes in action. Race time is 6:45. For more information the speedway, please visit them online atwww.vikingspeedway.net and for more information on FYE events, please visit their website at www.fyemotorsports.com.


WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature: Shane Sabraski, Trevor Saurer, Dexton Koch, Jeff Crouse, Mike Peterson, Dan Gullikson, Denis Czech, Derek Quinn, Jason Cook, Donna Schmidt, Jon Stepan

Heat 1: Saurer, Czech, Gullikson, Schmidt, Quinn, Stepan

Heat 2: Crouse, Sabraski, Peterson, Koch, Cook

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature: Shane Sabraski, Mack Estey, Cody Lee, Jason Vandekamp, Jamie Thorstad, Jason Hoffman, Travis Saurer, Denis Czech, Andrew Bangsund, Tyler Peterson, Corey Storck, William Lund, Justin Froemming, Tim Ims, Blake Swenson, Shawn Olson, Tyler Vanderby, Shane Howell, Hayden Hanson, Jeff Nelson, Wade Skindelien, McKenzie Gerdes, Shawn Fernkes, Haley Lee

B-Feature: Lee, Hanson, Gerdes, Fernkes, Howell, Ims, Luke Lick, Kurt Deters, Ryan Cousins, Ron Saurer, Chad VanOverbeke, Blake Boelens, Josh Muzik, Wyatt Ricks, Nick James, Shane Kruger, Josh Backman

Heat 1: T. Saurer, Vandekamp, Storck, Froemming, Skindelien, Hanson, R. Saurer, VanOverbeke, Backman

Heat 2: Thorstad, Estey, Nelson, Vanderby, Lund, Muzik, Cousins, Lick, Boelens

Heat 3: Sabraski, Czech, Bangsund, Olson, Gerdes, Fernkes, James, Ricks, Deters

Heat 4: C. Lee, Hoffman, Peterson, Swenson, H. Lee, Ims, Howell, Kruger

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature: Austin Arneson, Scot Danzeisen, Cody Skytland, Dale Mathison, Jason Thoennes, Blake Jegtvig, Dave Cain, Jesse Glenz, Corky Thomas, Kelly Estey, Shaun Peterson, Jeremy Nelson, Andy Gordon, Matt Leer, Jeff Wildung, Josh Thoennes, Darrell Nelson, Zach Johnson Mike Stearns, Joey Jensen, Jason Grimes, Matt Gilbertson, Dennis Bitzan, Shane Sabraski, Scott Greer, Dev Malmlov, Don Eischens, Travis Saurer, Bob Broking

B-Main 1: Gilbertson, Johnson, Cain, Brett Hoium, Casy Arneson, Terry Engebretson, Brian Haben, Scott Greer, Tyler Peterson, Shane Sabraski, Clayton Wagamon, Dano Ostrander, Mark Esala, Todd Berg, Brady Gerdes, Jamie Trautner, Chris Mensen, Arne Anderson

B-Main 2: J. Nelson, D. Nelson, Jegtvig, Corky Thomas, Cory Tammen, Aaron Holtan, Alex Engelstad, Jason Blascyk, Cody Erickson, Jeff Broking, Landon Atkinson, Dennis Bitzan, Phil Braun, Nikki Wrazidlo, Rodney Sanders, Mark Trautner, Dave Schroeder

B-Main 3: B. Broking, Malmlov, Gordon, Jordan Foster, Skeeter Estey, Johnny Broking, Tyler Limoges, Bobby Gierke, Jake Wildman, Corey Sersha, Jake Bitker, Tim Thomas, Jerome Guyot, Shaun Peterson, Mike Johnson, Jeff Flaten, Danny Bayer

Last chance: Corky Thomas, Casey Arneson, Cory Tammen, Alex Engelstad, Terry Engebretson, Brian Haben, Corey Sersha, Clayton Wagamon, Jake Bitker, Cody Erickson, Jason Blascyk, Jordan Foster, Johnny Broking, Brett Hoium, Jake Wildman, Aaron Holtan, Skeeter Estey, Jeff Broking, Dano Ostrander, Tyler Limoges, Bobby Gierke, Tyler Peterson, Scott Greer, Shane Sabraski, Landon Atkinson

Non Qualifier Feature: Mark Esala, Jamie Trautner, Brady Gerdes, Jason Blasyck, Brian Haben

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