28 July 2014
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28 July 2014,

Milbank,SD driver, Dustin Holtquist held of a field of eleven WISSOTA Mod 4’s to claim the $372 win during the second annual Mike Commerford Memorial on a beautiful Saturday night at Viking Speedway. Other winners who found their way to Alexandria Motors Victory Lane included, Adam Burrows in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Jamie Thorstad in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Chris Winter in the WISSOTA Super Stocks, and Brett Hoium in the WISSOTA Modifieds. In non WISSOTA support classes, Jordan Fischer claimed the Hornet feature win and Cody Ruka raced to the Pure Stock feature win. The night’s event was sponsored by Martinson Insurance, Greeley Plumbing & Heating, and Midwest Machine. Extra money was also contributed to the field by Julie Commerford and Mike’s family and friends in honor of the former racer, flagman, and speedway board member.

Eight Viking Pure Stocks made their way to the speedway with Dustin Karl and Tony Volker leading the pack. Volker quickly moved to the top spot while Karl came under heavy seige from Clara City driver, Cody Ruka and Glenwood’s Brendon Scott. Ruka would motor into the second spot and set his sights on the lead as the laps continued to click down. Ruka completed the pass for the lead with four laps remaining and Travis Kunz moved into the second spot on the following lap. Ruka held on for the win, Kunz was second, Volker third, Scott fourth, and Chad Anderson rounded out the top five. Kunz was later disqualified for an illegal part, moving the rest of the field up one position.

Jim Williams and Jake Huston paced the seven car WISSOTA Street Stock field to the green flag. Before the field completed a lap, Ryan Satter and Adam Burrows raced past Williams into the top two spots. The caution would fly over the speedway on lap two, when Justin Vogel slipped over the banking in turn four. Satter paced the field to the restart and once again broke away from Burrows into the lead. Burrows worked lap after lap and closed the gap on Satter while, Vogel moved past Williams into the third spot with four laps to go. With two laps remaining, Burrows went to the inside of Satter coming out of turn two and completed the pass for the lead. Burrows would lead the final two laps for the win, Satter was second, Vogel settled for third, Huston was fourth, and Williams rounded out the top five.

Jordan Fischer and Lexy Kastner paced the eight car Hornet field to the green and Fischer jumped out to the lead with Corey Pourrier moving into second on the opening lap. Pourrier would race past Fischer into the lead and the caution would come out over the speedway for two stopped cars on the back chute. Head flagman, Mike Blom, brought the field back to life and Fischer moved to the inside of the speedway and raced back into the lead. Fischer would hold on for the win, his second in two trips to Viking, Pourrier was second, Mike Hart was third, Kastner was fourth, Terry Larum was fifth.

Sixteen of the scheduled eighteen starters in the Sower Power WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature made their way to the track for their main event. Nick Bruder and Josh Muzik lead the field to the green and Muzik wasted no time moving into the top spot with Bruder settling into the second spot. The caution would fly over the track on lap two when Jason Hoffman shot off the banking. Muzik lead Bruder and Jamie Thorstad to the green and Muzik bolted back into the lead with Thorstad moving into the second spot, while McKenzie Gerdes raced pasted Bruder into the third spot. With eight laps remaining Thorstad blasted to the lead, with a low side pass of Muzik, and Ron Saurer raced past Gerdes into the third spot. The caution would fly on the following lap for Cody Lee, who lost the bite on his machine. Thorstad lead Muzik and Saurer to the green and broke back into the lead while Shawn Olson moved to the inside. Olson quickly moved into the second spot, while Thorstad continued to build his advantage. Thorstad cruised to the win, Olson was second, Saurer was third, Corey Storck was fourth, and Andrew Bangsund rounded out the top five.

Christopher Lynch and Craig Hiemstra lead the ,eleven car, Alexandria Refrigeration WISSOTA Super Stock feature to the green. As the cars exited turn two on the first circuit, Jon Stepan raced his way past the lead duo into the lead with Chris Winter in tow. While the lead duo continued to battle for the lead, Trevor Saurer, Mike Peterson, and Jeff Crouse began to battle for the number three spot. The first caution of the event came out on lap five, with Stepan leading Winter, Saurer, and Peterson. With the green flag back out, Stepan blasted back to the lead while Saurer worked to find a way around Winter for the second spot. Stepan continued to lead and the yellow would come out once again with eight laps to go for Ben Johnson, who spun in turn two. On the ensuing restart, Winter ducked to the low side of Stepan and completed a pass for the lead as the cars raced down the back chute. As the laps continued to tick down, Winter continued to lead and raced to the feature win. Stepan was the runner up, Saurer was third, Matt Miller raced from tenth to fourth, and Mike Peterson rounded out the top five.

Next on the docket was the eleven car, Mike Commerford Memorial WISSOTA Mod 4 feature, with Shayne Laske and Tyler Larson leading the field to the green. Laske quickly blasted to the lead with fourth starter, Dustin Holtquist moving into the second spot on lap two. Laske continued to build his advantage while sixth starting Dustin Zieske moved into the third spot. Zieske continued to track down Holtquist with Laske in firm control of the event. With six laps remaining, Laske’s machine lost power on the back chute and he coasted into the pits, handing the lead to Holtquist. As the laps continued to tick down, Holtquist continued to hold his advantage as he raced his way to the biggest win of his career. Zieske was second, Ryan Buer finished third, Larson was fourth, and Mitchell Hribar rounded out the top five.

The T&S Electric and Diamond Buick GMC WISSOTA Modifieds rolled onto the track for the final feature event of the evening. Brett Hoium and Terry Engrebretson led the sixteen car field to the green with Hoium jumping to the lead on the high side of the track with Engebretson settling into the second spot. With Hoium continuing to lead, Brady Gerdes, Jeremy Nelson, and Cody Skytland locked horns for the third spot. The trio would swap the position on several occasions, with Gerdes eventually claiming the spot. Gerdes set his sights on Engebretson, while Hoium continued to hold his advantage. With only a handful of laps remaining, Gerdes raced to the low side of Engebretson and moved into the second spot. Back up front, Hoium continued to lead and raced to the win, with Gerdes in second, Engebreston in third, Skytland was fourth, and Nelson rounded out the top five.

The Viking Speedway is a high banked, half mile speedway located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Alexandria, MN. The speedway’s board of directors would like to thank the staff, drivers, crew, fans, sponsors, and the Commerford family for helping put on the night’s event. The speedway will be back in action next Saturday with racing starting at 6:45 sharp. All regular classes, except Late Models will be in action, along with Hornets and Pure Stocks. For more information on the speedway, please visit their website at www.vikingspeedway.net or you can like the track on Facebook.


WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature: Brett Hoium, Brady Gerdes, Terry Engebretson, Cody Skytland, Jeremy Nelson, Jason Thoennes, Shaun Peterson, Mike Storck, Dennis Bitzan, Josh Thoennes, Kyle Koehntop, Cory Tammen, Chris Mensen, Jake Wildman, Todd Berg, Peter Loecken

Heat 1: Engebretson, Peterson, Storck, Bitzan, Jo. Thoennes, Wildman, Berg, Mensen

Heat 2: Hoium, Gerdes, Nelson, Skytland, Ja. Thoennes, Tammen, Koehntop, Loecken

WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature: Chris Winter, Jon Stepan, Trevor Saurer, Matt Miller, Mike Peterson, Bryan Hellerman, Jeff Crouse, Craig Hiemstra, Derek Quinn, Christopher Lynch, Ben Johnson

Heat 1: Stepan, Crouse, Winter, Saurer, Hellerman, Miller

Heat 2: Peterson, Lynch, Hiemstra, Quinn, Johnson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature: Jamie Thorstad, Shawn Olson, Ron Saurer, Corey Storck, Andrew Bangsund, Jason Hoffman, McKenzie Gerdes, Nick Bruder, Scott Zimmerman, Haley Lee, Josh Muzik, Blake Boelens, Greg Platzer, Justin Froemming, Cody Lee, Luke Lick, Dalton Johnson, Brooke Hellerman

Heat 1: Zimmerman, Gerdes, Muzik, Storck, Lick, Johnson

Heat 2: Hoffman, Bangsund, Olson, Saurer, Froemming, Boelens

Heat 3: Thorstad, C. Lee, Bruder, H. Lee, Platzer, Hellerman

WISSOTA Street Stocks:

Feature: Adam Burrows, Ryan Satter, Justin Vogel, Jake Huston, Jim Williams, Tim Jodsaas, David Deters

Heat: Satter, Huston, Vogel, Burrows, Williams, Jodsaas, Deters


Feature: Dustin Holtquist, Dustin Zieske, Ryan Buer, Tyler Larson, Mitchell Hribar, Crist Pittenger, Jamie Flickinger, Mike Christianson, Dallas Buchholz, Aaron Leiniger, Shayne Laske

Heat 1: Buer, Hribar, Buchholz, Leininger, Christianson, Pittenger

Heat 2: Zieske, Laske, Holtquist, Larson, Flickinger

Viking Pure Stocks:

Feature: Cody Ruka, Tony Volker, Brendon Scott, Chad Andersen, Dustin Karl, Blair George, Brock Volker, Travis Kunz

Heat: Ruka, Scott, Karl, T. Volker, Kunz, Andersen, B. Volker, George

Viking Hornets:

Feature: Jordan Fischer, Corey Pourrier, Mike Hart, Lexy Kastner, Terry Larum, Eric Platzer, Brennan Gave, Travis Scott

Heat: Pourrier, Hart, Fischer, Kastner, Platzer, Gave, Larum, Scott

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