28 August 2016
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28 August 2016,

Josh Thoennes held off a hard charging Zach Johnson to win the 2nd Annual Race for Fallen Lineman feature event for the WISSOTA Modifieds on Saturday night. Thoennes who lead each and every lap claimed the $2,000 payday that came along with the win. Other drivers who visited Alexandria Motors Victory Lane on a beautiful Saturday night included, Don Shaw in the Late Models, Tim Johnson in the Super Stocks, Ryan Satter in the Street Stocks, Matt Thoennes in the Midwest Modifieds, and Jesse Waldorf in the Pure Stocks. The night’s season championship action was part of the Polydome Dirt Track Series and sponsored by Bell Bank, Prairie Trailer Sales, and Alexandria Motors.

Josh Thoennes and Hayden Hanson manned the front row for the 35 lap Sower Power Racing Engines Modifed feature event. After a nice pair of four wide salutes to the crowd, the twenty seven car field came to life and Thoennes wasted no time moving into the lead, with brother, Jason Thoennes, moving into the second spot. The first caution of the event flew over the track only four laps into the main event with Josh leading Jason, Hansen, and Dusty Bitzan. On the restart, Matt Gilbertson worked his way into the mix on the low side of the speedway as he raced up to challenge Jason for the number two spot. With Josh still leading, Jason and Gilbertson both stayed within striking distance, as the duo continued to battle for the second spot. Meanwhile, all eyes were on both Travis Saurer and Zach Johnson as the duo began their march towards the front . With 22 laps left in the event, a series of cautions slowed the field, but each time Thoennes was able to hold onto the lead. Near the midway point of the race, Jason slipped over the banking in turn two moving Gilbertson into the second spot, while Johnson and Saurer up a spot. On the final restart of the event, Thoennes’s car continued to get tight and Johnson, who was running both the top and bottom lanes, raced up to challenge him for the lead. As the duo exited turn two on the following lap, Johnson blasted to the inside and pulled ahead of Thoennes, but the caution would come out once more. At that point, track officials went back to the last scored lap, and due to time constraints, Thoennes was declared the winner. Johnson was second, Saurer third, Brady Gerdes fourth, and Gilbertson rounded out the top five. Gerdes was also crowned track champion for the season.

Scott Lehn and Clarence Washburn sat on the front row for the twenty lap WISSOTA Late Model feature event. With the green in the air Lehn jumped to the early lead with Washburn in tow. As the duo crossed the line for lap one, Washburn jumped to the lead, while Don Shaw began to work his way towards the front. Shaw worked his way past the field and raced into the second spot only a few laps into the event. As the laps continued to tick off the board, Shaw continued to close the gap on Washburn. Washburn lead at the halfway point, but Shaw quickly worked to the inside of him on the following ciricuit into the lead. With Shaw blistering the field, all eyes were now focused on Pat Doar, who began to pick his way towards the front. Back out front, it was all Shaw as he cruised to the win and locked up the 2016 track title. Doar worked all the way up to finish second, Greg Meyer was third, Washburn fourth, and Shawn Meyer rounded out the top five.

Al Cleveland and Jeff Flaten paced the fourteen car WISSOTA Super Stock feature to the green. Flaten gained control early on lap one, as Cleveland came under heavy pressure from a number of drivers behind him. Only a few laps into the event, Don Shaw found something on the bottom of the speedway and he raced into the lead, with Tim Johnson soon moving into the second spot. A scary situation brought out the red flag for an incident involving pole sitter Flaten and Bryan Hellerman. Hellerman was treated by on scence EMT’s and was uninjured in the incident. With the green back out, Shaw and Johnson set out in another epic battle, wiht Shaw hammering the cushion while Johnson worked the inside of the track. Shaw was able to work out to a small margin and looked as if he had the race in hand until he suffered engine troubles with only two laps remaining. From there Johnson inherited the lead and didn’t look back. Johnson cruised to the win and the 2016 track title. Jason Cook was second, Trevor Saurer third, Jon Stepan fourth, and Dustin Bluhm was fifth.

Pat Stepan and Brooke Hellerman paced the seventeen car Villard Implement Midwest Modified feature to the green. At the the drop of the green Hellerman moved to the outside groove of the speedway and moved into the lead with Ron Saurer, Jason Hoffman, Jamie Thorstad, Shawn Olson, and Nick Bruder locked in a big group behind her. Near the midway point of the race, the caution flew over the speedway for Hoffman, who had a mechanical issue and slowed in turn two. Hellerman once again lead the field to the green and as the leaders entered turn one on the restart, Thorstad looked to complete a slide job on Hellerman, which caused contact between the drivers, bringing out the yellow once more. Thorstad was deemed at fault and he tagged the back of the field, while Hellerman regained her spot as the leader. Hellerman got a great start once more and raced ahead of Matt Thoennes and Saurer, as she looked for her first win of the season. With only three laps remaining on the board, Thoennes moved to the inside of the track and raced into the lead. Thoennes would go on to lead the remaining laps and raced to his second win of the season. Saurer was third, Corey Storck was third after starting tenth, Olson fourth, and Scott Zimmerman moved up from the number twelve spot to finish fifth. Thorstad was the track champion in the class for the season.

Travis Scott and Andrew Bangsund lead the Wayne’s Auto Repair WISSOTA Street Stock feature to the green. Bangsund, who has run a limited schedule this season, quickly moved into the lead. Behind Bangsund, the action was heating up with Mark Blom, Ryan Satter, and Tim Johnson locked in a nice three car battle for the second, third and fourth spots. As the laps continued to tick down, Satter was able to work his way into the second spot while Blom and Johnson continued to battle for third. The lone caution of the event would fly over the speedway with four laps remaining, when Blom and Johnson had contact in turn three. Johnson retired pitside with damage, while Blom was able to continue. Bangsund jumped back out to the lead on the restart, with Satter applying heavy pressue on the lowside of the track. As the pair entered turn one on the final lap, Satter drove deep into the turn and was able to clear Bangsund as they exited turn two. From there Satter held off Bangsund for the win. Bangsund was second, Blom third, Jake Huston fourth, and Scott Horn came home fifth.  Even with the DNF, Johnson was crowned as the 2016 track champion in the class.

For the second straight week, Jesse Waldorf found himself in victory lane in the Cenex Pure Stocks. Waldorf who started in the fifth spot, blasted to the lead early in the race and took on all challengers, as he raced to his third win of the season. Murdock’s Nick McCleary was crowned as the track champion for the season.

Next weekend looks to be a busy one as the high flyin half mile speedway. The track will play host to it’s annual NLRA Late Model Doubleheader. All six classes will be in action with racing action starting at 6pm and draw cut off at 5:15. For more information the speedway, please visit them online at www.vikingspeedway.net or “like” the track on Facebook.


WISSOTA Late Models

Feature: Don Shaw, Pat Doar, Greg Meyer, Clarence Washburn, Shawn Meyer, Casey Meyer, Scott Lehn, Erik Robertson, Kevin Robertson, Rick Nelson

Heat 1: Shaw, C. Meyer, K. Robertson, S. Meyer, Nelson

Heat 2: Doar, G. Meyer, Lehn, Washburn, E. Robertson

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: Josh Thoennes, Zach Johnson, Travis Saurer, Brady Gerdes, Matt Gilbertson, Shaun Peterson, Mark Noble, JB Stortz, Bobby Gierke, Dan Ebert, Hayden Hanson, Brandon Aggen, Jason Thoennes, Jake Wildman, Brian Haben, Brett Hoium, Jason Blascyk, Danny Bayer, Peter Loecken, Dusty Bitzan, Mike Storck, Scot Danzeisen, Tim Johnson, Blake Jegtvig, Phil Braun, Chris Mensen, Corky Thomas

Heat 1. Jo. Thoennes, Gilbertson, Blascyk, Storck, Thomas, Wildman, Hoium

Heat 2: Gerdes, Jegtvig, Haben, T. Johnson, Danzeisen, Loecken, Bayer

Heat 3: Hanson, Ja. Thoennes, Z. Johnson, Stortz, Aggen, Mensen, Braun

Heat 4: Bitzan, Ebert, Saurer, Peterson, Noble, Gierke

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: Tim Johnson, Jason Cook, Trevor Saurer, Jon Stepan, Dustin Bluhm, Matt Miller, Derek Quinn, Jeff Kluver, Al Cleveland, Don Shaw, Chris Lynch, Jeff Crouse, Bryan Hellerman, Jeff Flaten

Heat 1: Flaten, Johnson, Hellerman, Cook, Stepan, Miller, Lynch

Heat 2: Saurer, Shaw, Crouse, Cleveland, Bluhm, Quinn, Kluver

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: Ryan Satter, Andrew Bangsund, Mark Blom, Jake Huston, Scott Horn, Bryan Crandall, Travis Scott, Tim Johnson

Heat: Johnson, Bangsund, Satter, Blom, Scott, Horn, Huston, Crandall

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Matt Thoennes, Ron Saurer, Corey Storck, Shawn Olson, Scott Zimmerman, Nick Bruder, Brooke Hellerman, Brandon Dolman, Pat Stepan, Josh Muzik, Abby Gierke, McKenzie Gerdes, Jason Thimmesh, Jamie Thorstad, Blake Boelens, Jason Hoffman, Dustin Bluhm

Heat 1: Bruder, Saurer, Olson, Hellerman, Hoffman, Bluhm, Boelens, Gierke, Gerdes

Heat 2: Thorstad, Muzik, Stepan, Thoennes, Storck, Zimmerman, Thimmesh, Dolman

Pure Stocks:

Feature: Jesse Waldorf, Nick McCleary, Richard Hasse, Dustin Karl, Tyler Erdman, Megan Arvidson, Tyler Klugman, Brock Volker, Colton Satter, Tony Arneson, Scott Horn, Tami Naslund, Craig Gardner

Heat 1: Waldorf, Horn, Erdman, Volker, Karl, Arneson, Satter

Heat 2: Gardner, Hasse, McCleary, Klugman, Naslund, Arvidson

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