4 September 2016
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4 September 2016,

Fresh off wrapping up the 2016 WISSOTA Late Model point championship at Viking Speedway, Don Shaw bested a field of twenty three cars to claim night one of the NLRA Labor Day Special. Shaw held off a hard charging Zach Johnson for the win. Other drivers who visited Alexandria Motors Victory Lane included, Brady Gerdes in the WISSOTA Modifieds, Tim Johnson in the WISSOTA Super Stocks, Justin Tammen in the WISSOTA Street Stocks and Justin Froemming in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Jesse Waldorf held off Dustin Karl for the Pure Stock win, in no WISSOTA support action. The night’s Polydome Dirt Track Series action was sponsored by Apol’s Harley Davidson, Viking Coke, and Snap-on Tools.

Twenty three late models rumbled to the track for their twenty five lap feature event. Rick Schroeder and Zach Johnson manned the front row for the event and with the green in the air, third starting Don Shaw snuck to the lowside of the speedway and blasted into the lead as the leaders took off down the back chute. With the Shaw and Johnson battling at the front of the field, Brad Seng, Dustin Strand, and Corey Nelson were locked in a battle for the number three spot. After serveral laps Seng was able to clear himself of the group and raced off in an effort to reel in Shaw and Johnson. As the laps continued to tick down, the leaders entered lap traffic and Johnson looked for an oppurtunity to get past Shaw. Each time Johnson would get even with Shaw, Shaw would power back by and maintained the lead. Shaw went on for the win, Johnson second, Seng third, Nelson fourth, and Strand was fifth.

Josh Thoennes and Brady Gerdes paced the Sower Power WISSOTA Modified feature to the green. Thoennes, fresh off his win last week, raced to the early advantage with Gerdes in tow. Back in traffic, Cody Skytland and Zach Johnson were starting to make their moves towards the front. A handful of laps into the event, Gerdes moved to the lowside of the track in turns one and two and raced to the lead. The final restart of the event put Skytland on Gerdes’s back bumper. With the green back out, Gerdes once again moved to the low side in turn one and held Skytland at bey. Gerdes went on for the win, Skytland was second, Johnson third, Jason Thoennes fourth, and Tim Johnson rounded out the top five.

Ben Wolden and Don Shaw lead a nice field of eighteen WISSOTA Super Stocks to the green. Shaw used his outside starting spot and jumped to the lead, with Wolden quickly coming under pressure from Jeff Crouse and Tim Johnson. Johnson moved into second only a few laps into the race, and he quickly tracked down Shaw. After a nice battle Shaw’s machine slowed coming down the front stretch, bringing out the yellow and putting Johnson in the lead. With the green back out, Crouse moved his way into the second spot after a battle with Trevor Saurer and set his sights on Johnson. A couple of late race cautions bunched the field back up and each time Johnson fought off Crouse and cruised to the win. Crouse was second, Saurer third, Wolden fourth, and Jason Cook was fifth.

Alexandria driver, Brett Miller and North Dakotan Royce Jawaski sat on row one of the Wayne’s Auto Repair Street Stock feature. Miller moved into the early lead with a mob scene behind him, as everyone looked for the fastest racing groove. On lap two, Tim Johnson roared to the bottom of the track and raced ahead of Miller and Justin Tammen into the lead. Tammen moved into the number two spot only a couple of laps later and raced up to challenge Johnson for the lead. On several occasions, the duo swapped the lead at both ends of the track. With five laps to go, Johnson suddenly pulled into the back pit with a mechanical issue, ending his night. This gave the lead back to Tammen and he cruised to the win. Justin Vogel was second, Miller third, Jawaski fourth, and Ryan Nelson fifth.

McKenzie Gerdes and Ryan McCleary sat on row one for the Villard Implement Midwest Modified feature. Gerdes moved into the lead as the leaders finished up lap one. As Gerdes entered turn one on the following lap, Justin Froemming stormed to the inside and raced into the lead, with Gerdes in second. Lap after lap Froemming continued to hit his marks and add to his lead, while Jason Hoffman, Corey Storck, and Ron Saurer battled for position. Back up front it was all Froemming as he raced to the win. Hoffman was second, Storck third, Saurer fourth, and Blake Boelens rounded out the top five after starting in the number sixteen spot.

In the Cenex of Alexandria Pure Stock class, Jesse Waldorf fought off several charges by Dustin Karl for the win. Karl was second, Richard Haase third, Eric Gardner fourth, and Megan Arvidson fifth.


WISSOTA Late Models

Feature: Don Shaw, Zach Johnson, Brad Seng, Corey Nelson, Dustin Strand, Rick Schroeder, Shawn Meyer, Steffen Snare, Mike Balcaen, Shane Edginton, Cole Schill, Dave Smith, Shawn Kirwin, Matt Aukland, Rick Nelson, Casey Meyer, Jeff Hapala, Tom Corcoran, Ryan Corbett, Greg Meyer, Scott Lehn, Clarence Washburn, Matt Smith

Heat 1: Johnson, Seng, Edginton, Corcoran, Snare, C. Meyer, R. Nelson, Washburn

Heat 2: Shaw, C. Nelson, Strand, Balcaen, D. Smith, Kirwin, Schill, Lehn

Heat 3: Schroeder, S. Meyer, M. Smith, Hapala, Aukland, Corbett, G. Meyer

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: Brady Gerdes, Cody Skytland, Zach Johnson, Jason Thoennes, Tim Johnson, Troy Berends, Seth Brede, Don Eischens, Shaun Peterson, Josh Thoennes, Chris Wolden, Brett Hoium, Dusty Bitzan, Chris Mensen, Danny Bayer, Jake Wildman, Brian Haben, Bob Gierke, Mike Storck, Jason Blascyk, Peter Loecken

Heat 1: Jo. Thoennes, Bayer, Hoium, Ja. Thoennes, Bitzan, Haben, Storck

Heat 2: Skytland, Gerdes, Brede, Eischens, Berends, Wildman, Gierke

Heat 3: Z. Johnson, Mensen, T. Johnson, Peterson, Wolden, Blascyk, Loecken

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: TIm Johnson, Jeff Crouse, Trevor Saurer, Ben Wolden, Jason Cook, Cory Tammen, Jon Stepan, Matt Miller, Jeff Kluver, Al Cleveland, Matt Fester, Chris Lynch, Tyler Vandeby, Dominic Baker, Tim Jodsaas, Ryan Flaten, Jeremy Tyson, Don Shaw

Heat 1: Johnson, Miller, Stepan, Tammen, Cleveland, Kluver, Lynch, Jodsaas, Vanderby

Heat 2: Cook, Shaw, Wolden, Crouse, Saurer, Baker, Fester, Flaten, Tyson

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: Justin Tammen, Justin Vogel, Brett Miller, Royce Jawaski, Ryan Nelson, Durand Peterson, Bryan Crandall, David Deters, Dylan Arndt, Scott Huston, Travis Scott, Adam Burrows, Russell Carlson, Craig Gardner, Scott Horn, Tim Johnson, Mark Blom

Heat 1: Johnson, Jawaski, Tammen, Deters, Arndt, Huston, Gardner, Horn, Scott

Heat 2: Miller, Peterson, Burrows, Vogel, Nelson, Crandall, Carlson, Blom

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Justin Froemming, Jason Hoffman, Corey Storck, Ron Saurer, Blake Boelens, Jon Stepan, Brock Gronwold, Sam Zender, McKenzie Gerdes, Matt Thoennes, Shawn Olson, Brandon Dolman, Jamie Thorstad, Shawn Fernkes, Ryan McCleary, Abby Gierke, Nick McCleary, Jason Thimmesh, Josh Backman, Nick Bruder, Alex Langland, Kyle Langland

Heat 1: Saurer, Storck, A. Langland, Backman, Fernkes, Boelens, N. McCleary, Gronwold

Heat 2: Thorstad, Gerdes, Hoffman, Zender, Gierke, Olson, Dolman

Heat 3: Froemming, Stepan, R. McCleary, Thoennes, K. Langland, Bruder, Thimmesh

Pure Stocks

Feature: Jesse Waldorf, Dustin Karl, Richard Hasse, Eric Gardner, Megan Arvidson, Micheal Klugman, Warren Osterman, Tanner Horn, Brock Volker

Heat 1: Horn, Karl, Waldorf, Arvidson, Hasse, Gardner, Osterman, Klugman, Volker

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