14 May 2017
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14 May 2017,

Horace, ND driver Cole Schill bested the field in the WISSOTA Late Model feature on an unseasonably warm night at Viking Speedway. Schill picked up his first career Viking Speedway win and swept the nights action in the process. Other drivers who visited Marthaler Chevrolet Victory Lane included: Tim Johnson in the WISSOTA Modifieds and Street Stocks, Jon Stepan in the WISSOTA Super Stocks, and Megan Arvidson in the Pure Stocks. The WISSOTA Midwest Modifed feature result is still pending due to a technical inspection.

Eight of the nine scheduled Greeley Plumbing WISSOTA Late Models rolled onto the speedway for their 20 lap feature event. Schill shared the front row with multitime WISSOTA National champion, Zach Johnson. At the drop of the green Schill bolted to the early lead while Johnson settled into the second spot. Schill continued his torrid pace, with Johnson comfortably in second. Behind the lead duo, Edmonton, Alberta father-son duo, Dave and Matt Smith locked horns with eighth starting Dustin Bluhm in the battle for third. Bluhm was able to race past both of the Canadian drivers and settled into the third spot. Back up front it was all Schill as he raced to the win with Johnson in second, Bluhm third, M. Smith fourth, and D. Smith rounding out the top five.

Jason Thoennes and Jake Wildman manned the front row for the fourteen car Sower Power WISSOTA Modified feature event. Thoennes jumped to the early lead while, fourth starting Tim Johnson snuck into the second spot. With Thoennes and Johnson up front, Wildman and Brian Haben were locked in a great battle for the third and fourth spot. Only a handful of laps into the race, Johnson shot to the inside of the track and was able to complete a pass on Thoennes for the lead. With Johnson, Thoennes, and Haben all working the extreme lowside of the track, Wildman searched to the top in an effort to reel in the leaders. Lap after lap, Wildman and Haben raced side by side, door to door, swapping the third spot on each lap. As the laps ticked down, Johnson was able to keep up his margin on Thoennes as he raced to his second with of the night. Thoennes was second, Wildman third, Haben fourth, and Zach Johnson rounded out the top five.

Brandon, MN driver, Jason Cook and Evans, GA pilot, Cody Overton sat on row one for the fifteen lap Greeley Plumbing WISSOTA Super Stock features. At the drop of the green the front row was ambushed by third starting Jon Stepan as he raced by into the lead. Stepan began to stretch his lead while Cook and Overton battled with Tim Johnson for the second spot. Johnson was able to move into the second spot early in the race and set his sights on Stepan, who held a nice lead over the field. With Johnson closing in, Stepan continued to drive a nice smooth race and reigned supreme. Johnson was second, Cook third, Cory Tammen fourth, and Overton rounded out the top five.

Herman’s Bryan Crandall and Glenwood’s Mark Blom sat on the front row for the twelve lap Wayne’s Auto Repair WISSOTA Street Stock feature. With the green out, third starting Ryan Satter, and fifth starter Tim Johnson worked their way into the lead pack. Only a couple of laps into the race, Johnson was able to muscle his way to the front and moved to the top side of the speedway ahead of Satter. Meanwhile, back in traffic Justin Tammen and Justin Vogel began to work towards the front from their sixth and eighth starting spots. Back up front it was all Johnson as he cruised to his second win in two nights at Viking this season. Satter was second, Tammen third, Blom fourth, and Vogel finished in the number five spot.

Twenty Villard Implement WISSOTA Midwest Modifeds rolled to the speedway for their fifteen lap main event. Brock Gronwold and Brooke Hellerman paced the field to the green and head flagman, Mike Blom, brought the field to life. Gronwold jumped to the early lead with Hellerman coming under seige from Jamie Thorstad and Ron Saurer. An incident early in the race brought out the caution and with the field reset, Gronwold once again blasted to the lead with Thorstad in tow. Two laps after the restart, Saurer jumped the cushion and slid off the banking in turn one, only to come back on in the exit of turn two, losing a ton of spots. A handful of laps into the second, Thorstad and Growold made contact with each other, ending with Thorstad tagging the end of the field. This put ninth starting Shawn Olson and Brandon Dolman behind Gronwold for the restart. Olson tried to look for a line around Gronwold, but to no avail as Brock raced the win. Olson was second, Corey Storck third, Dolman fourth, and Saurer raced his way back up to fifth.
In non WISSOTA support action, Megan Arvidson raced to the win after starting in the number five spot. The win did not come easy as she held off Ryan Satter, who was shaking down his brothers car, and Craig Gardner.

The high banked half mile speedway located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds will be back in action next Saturday, May 20th with all 6 classes in action. The gates will open at 5 with the racing action starting at 6:45.

WISSOTA Modifieds
A Feature 1: 1. 1JR-Tim Johnson[4]; 2. 52-Jason Thoennes[1]; 3. 99-Jake Wildman[2]; 4. 6*-Brian Haben[5]; 5. 6X-Zach Johnson[6]; 6. 48D-Brent Dutenhoffer[7]; 7. 2X-Brady Gerdes[9]; 8. 10X-Dustin Bitzan[3]; 9. 51-Josh Thoennes[8]; 10. 36-Danny Bayer[11]; 11. 20B-Todd Berg[13]; 12. 75-Mike Storck[10]; 13. (DNF) 1B-Jason Blascyk[14]; 14. (DNF) 26-Robert Gierke[12]
Heat 1: 1. 10X-Dustin Bitzan[2]; 2. 51-Josh Thoennes[3]; 3. 1JR-Tim Johnson[5]; 4. 6*-Brian Haben[1]; 5. 2X-Brady Gerdes[7]; 6. 36-Danny Bayer[6]; 7. 20B-Todd Berg[4]
Heat 2: 1. 52-Jason Thoennes[1]; 2. 6X-Zach Johnson[6]; 3. 99-Jake Wildman[2]; 4. 48D-Brent Dutenhoffer[7]; 5. 75-Mike Storck[5]; 6. 26-Robert Gierke[4]; 7. (DNF) 1B-Jason Blascyk[3]
A Feature 1: 1. 2G-Brock Gronwold[1]; 2. 32-Shawn Olson[9]; 3. 57-Corey Storck[8]; 4. 24-Brandon Dolman[3]; 5. 42-Ron Saurer[4]; 6. 2H-Brooke Hellerman[2]; 7. 07-Jason Hoffman[7]; 8. 34-Jamie Thorstad[5]; 9. 092-Nick Bruder[6]; 10. 52-Matt Thoennes[15]; 11. 13X-Mckenzie Gerdes[11]; 12. 85-Jason Thimmesh[16]; 13. 7-Pat Stepan[12]; 14. 23-Josh Muzik[13]; 15. 26-Abby Gierke[10]; 16. 28-Josh Backman[18]; 17. 11*-Larry Samuelson[14]; 18. 21R-Ryan McCleary[20]; 19. 80-Brian Tomford[19]; 20. (DNF) 20-Mason Lesmeister[17]
Heat 1: 1. 092-Nick Bruder[3]; 2. 2H-Brooke Hellerman[4]; 3. 24-Brandon Dolman[1]; 4. 26-Abby Gierke[5]; 5. 23-Josh Muzik[6]; 6. 85-Jason Thimmesh[2]; 7. 28-Josh Backman[7]
Heat 2: 1. 34-Jamie Thorstad[1]; 2. 32-Shawn Olson[5]; 3. 57-Corey Storck[4]; 4. 13X-Mckenzie Gerdes[3]; 5. 11*-Larry Samuelson[6]; 6. 20-Mason Lesmeister[2]; 7. 80-Brian Tomford[7]
Heat 3: 1. 07-Jason Hoffman[2]; 2. 2G-Brock Gronwold[3]; 3. 42-Ron Saurer[6]; 4. 7-Pat Stepan[1]; 5. 52-Matt Thoennes[5]; 6. (DNF) 21R-Ryan McCleary[4]
WISSOTA Late Models
A Feature 1: 1. 44-Cole Schill[1]; 2. 73-Zach Johnson[2]; 3. 45-Dustin Bluhm[8]; 4. 86-Matthew Smith[4]; 5. 06-David Smith[5]; 6. 01-Ryan Satter[3]; 7. 12N-Rick Nelson[9]; 8. 7L-Scott Lehn[6]; (DNS) 42S-Don Shaw
Heat 1: 1. 44-Cole Schill[8]; 2. 86-Matthew Smith[1]; 3. 73-Zach Johnson[5]; 4. 06-David Smith[3]; 5. 01-Ryan Satter[7]; 6. 7L-Scott Lehn[4]; 7. (DNF) 42S-Don Shaw[6]; 8. (DNF) 45-Dustin Bluhm[2]; 9. (DNF) 12N-Rick Nelson[9]
Viking Pure Stocks
A Feature 1: 1. 44-Megan Arvidson[5]; 2. 68-Ryan Satter[6]; 3. 8X-Craig Gardner[8]; 4. 00-Dustin Karl[9]; 5. 4X-Tanner Horn[1]; 6. 7X-Coty Friedrichs[10]; 7. 77-Carson Miller[2]; 8. (DNF) 7W-Jesse Waldorf[7]; 9. (DNF) 81X-Brock Volker[3]; (DNS) 12-Scott Lonneman
Heat 1: 1. 7W-Jesse Waldorf[3]; 2. 81X-Brock Volker[4]; 3. 44-Megan Arvidson[5]; 4. 77-Carson Miller[1]; 5. 00-Dustin Karl[2]
Heat 2: 1. 12-Scott Lonneman[1]; 2. 4X-Tanner Horn[3]; 3. 68-Ryan Satter[4]; 4. 8X-Craig Gardner[5]; 5. 7X-Coty Friedrichs[2]
WISSOTA Street Stocks
A Feature 1: 1. 1JR-Tim Johnson[5]; 2. 67-Ryan Satter[3]; 3. 71-Justin Tammen[6]; 4. 6X-Mark Blom[2]; 5. 10-Justin Vogel[8]; 6. 70-Andrew Bangsund[4]; 7. 69-Bryan Crandall[1]; 8. 71X-Travis Scott[7]; 9. 18B-Adam Burrows[10]; 10. 2K-Tyler Klugman[9]; 11. 24X-David Deters[11]; 12. (DNF) 5K-Michael Klugman[12]
Heat 1: 1. 10-Justin Vogel[2]; 2. 70-Andrew Bangsund[1]; 3. 67-Ryan Satter[5]; 4. 69-Bryan Crandall[3]; 5. 2K-Tyler Klugman[6]; 6. 24X-David Deters[4]
Heat 2: 1. 71-Justin Tammen[5]; 2. 1JR-Tim Johnson[4]; 3. 6X-Mark Blom[3]; 4. 71X-Travis Scott[2]; 5. 18B-Adam Burrows[6]; 6. (DNF) 5K-Michael Klugman[1]
WISSOTA Super Stocks
A Feature 1: 1. 3S-Jon Stepan[3]; 2. 1JR-Tim Johnson[5]; 3. 79-Jason Cook[1]; 4. 71X-Cory Tammen[7]; 5. 97-Cody Overton [2]; 6. 29*-Jeff Crouse[13]; 7. 44X-Ben Johnson[6]; 8. 15-Travis Vanderby[8]; 9. 13M-Matt Miller[9]; 10. 21-Trevor Saurer[4]; 11. 2H-Bryan Hellerman[10]; 12. (DNF) 44-Christopher Lynch[11]; 13. (DNF) 29-Jon Crouse[12]
Heat 1: 1. 3S-Jon Stepan[1]; 2. 71X-Cory Tammen[2]; 3. 21-Trevor Saurer[5]; 4. 44X-Ben Johnson[4]; 5. 13M-Matt Miller[7]; 6. 2H-Bryan Hellerman[3]; 7. 44-Christopher Lynch[6]
Heat 2: 1. 1JR-Tim Johnson[4]; 2. 97-Cody Overton [2]; 3. 79-Jason Cook[6]; 4. 15-Travis Vanderby[3]; 5. (DNF) 29-Jon Crouse[1]; 6. (DNF) 29*-Jeff Crouse[5]

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