2 July 2017
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2 July 2017,

Veteran WISSOTA Late Model pilot John Kaanta charged his way from his eleventh starting spot in order to claim the win during Viking Speedway’s Late Model Special on Saturday night. Other winners who found themselves in Marthaler Chevrolet Victory Lane included, Jason Thoennes in the WISSOTA Modifieds, Tim Johnson in the WISSOTA Super Stocks and Street Stocks, Travis Saurer in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, and Jesse Waldorf in the Pure Stocks. The night’s Polydome Dirt Track Series action was sponsored by Shaw Trucking and Elden’s Fresh Foods.

Twenty Greeley Plumbing WISSOTA Late Models rumbled onto the speedway for the thirty lap main event. Lake Shore, MN driver Dan Ebert and Canadian visitor, Shane Edginton manned the front row and at the drop of the green it was Ebert who jumped to the early lead in his Breeschoten racing owned machine. With Ebert up front, a nice battle was setting up for the second spot with Zach Johnson racing up from his fifth starting spot to challenge Edginton for second. Johnson was able to move into the second spot only a few laps into the race and set his sights on Ebert, who had built up a nice lead. Meanwhile, back in traffic, John Kaanta and Don Shaw began to work their way to the front from their eleventh and thirteenth starting spots. Kaanta raced into the top five less then ten laps into the event and looked to be the fastest car on the track. Back up front Ebert began to enter lapped traffic, which allowed Johnson to race up to his back bumper with eighteen laps remaining. With the two leaders trying to navigate through the lapped cars, Kaanta raced into third and quickly joined the fray at the front of the pack. As the trio completed the half way point of the race, Kaanta went to the low side of the track and raced into the lead while Johnson moved into the second spot. From there Kaanta would go on to win with Johnson second, Edginton third, Shaw fourth, and Ebert rounded out the top five.

Mike Storck and Jake Wildman paced the nineteen car, Sower Power WISSOTA Modified feature event to the green. Third starting Jason Thoennes wasted no time moving to the low side of the track and raced into the lead on lap one. Thoennes was quickly joined by Brady Gerdes and Zach Johnson on the lowside, while Wildman tried to work the high side of the track. The caution would blink on over the speedway early in the event for an incident involving Wildman and Jeremy Nelson. Nelson would retire pitside with damage while Wildman completed a tire change and tagged the end of the field for the ensuing restart. With the green back out, Thoennes once again blasted into the lead with Gerdes and Johnson in tow. With the leaders firmly in the top three spots, a nice battle was going on behind them with Landon Atkinson eventually working his way into the fourth spot, after starting ninth. As the laps continued to tick down, Johnson looked to use the middle groove in an effort to get by Thoennes and Gerdes, but each time the duo would power away. In the end Thoennes claimed his first win at Viking this season, Gerdes was second, Johnson third, Atkinson fourth, and Blake Jegtvig moved up from eleventh to finish fifth.

Veteran drivers, Roger Host and Bryan Hellerman paced the twelve car, Greeley Plumbing WISSOTA Super Stock feature event to the green. Host jumped into the lead in the early stages of the race, only to see eighth starting Tim Johnson quickly race into the lead before the caution came on over the speedway. Johnson once again jumped back into the lead with Jeff Crouse charging through the field in an effort to catch Johnson. With Johnson out front, and the laps ticking down, an incident on the track would send Crouse tail end with only nine laps remaining. With the green back out Johnson blasted back into the lead, with Jon Stepan and Trevor Saurer locked in a nice battle with Larry Lund as the trio jockeyed for positions. The final caution would fly over the speedway with two laps remaining on the board, and Johnson led Crouse and Stepan back to the green. Johnson was able to find the right line and raced to the win. Crouse was second, Stepan third, Saurer fourth, and Matt Miller rounded out the top five.

Ten Wayne’s Auto WISSOTA Street Stocks rolled onto the speedway for their twelve lap main event. Head flagman, Mike Blom, brought the field to life and Andrew Bangsund jumped into the lead in his Armstrong Racing machine. Bangsund continued to set the pace as Tim Johnson, Justin Vogel, and Bryan Crandall battled for the number two through four spots. Johnson was able to claim the spot and raced up to challenge Bangsund only a couple laps into the event, and would complete the pass for the lead on the next circuit. With Johnson comfortably in front, and Bangsund in second, the main battle on the track was between Vogel and Crandall for the third spot. Johnson would go on to score the win, Bangsund was second, Vogel third, Crandall fourth, and Gary Reents was fifth.

Jamie Thorstad and Corey Storck sat on the front row for the twenty car Villard Implement WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature event. As the leaders entered turn one on the first lap, a major incident occured involving many of the front cars, including Thorstad, Storck, Cody Lee, and Mckenzie Gerdes. Thorstad was charged with the yellow sending him tailend on the ensuing restart. On the restart, a similiar incident occured ending Storck’s night with heavy damage and putting Lee in the back, after causing the caution. On the third attempt at getting the race started, Travis Saurer jumped into the lead. With Saurer up front, Shawn Olson began to work his way to the front, as he battled with Shane Howell and Jason Hoffman for the second spot. Olson was able to claim the spot, and raced up to challenge Saurer. After many caution periods, officials determined to make the race a green, white, checkered race, due to time restraints. Saurer lead the field to the green and Olson raced up to challenge him on the bottom, only to see Saurer pull away on the top of the track. Saurer raced to the win, Olson was second, and Howell was third.

In non-WISSSOTA support action, eleven Cenex of Alexandria Pure Stocks rumbled onto the speedway for their feature event. Brock Volker jumped into the early lead, but was joined by track point leader Jesse Waldorf near the midway point of the race. Waldorf was able to complete the pass on the high side of the speedway and raced to his fifth win of the season.

The high flying half mile speedway will be back in action next Saturday, July 8th, as the track plays host to it’s annual Kid’s Night. All regular classes will be in action with the green flag dropping at 6:45. For more information on the speedway, please visit them online at www.vikingspeedway.net or “like” the track on Facebook.

WISSOTA Modifieds
A Feature 1: 1. 52-Jason Thoennes, [3]; 2. 2X-Brady Gerdes, [4]; 3. 6X-Zach Johnson, [6]; 4. 18A-Landon Atkinson, [9]; 5. 2J-Blake Jegtvig, [11]; 6. 51-Josh Thoennes, [7]; 7. 1JR-Tim Johnson, [13]; 8. 73-Andy Jones, [12]; 9. 10X-Dustin Bitzan, [14]; 10. 60-Dan Ebert, [10]; 11. 22-Jb Stortz, [16]; 12. 53-Chris Mensen, [19]; 13. 5H-Brett Hoium, [5]; 14. 1B-Jason Blascyk, [15]; 15. 46H-Ken Hron, [18]; 16. 20B-Todd Berg, [17]; 17. (DNF) 99-Jake Wildman, [2]; 18. (DNF) 75-Mike Storck, [1]; 19. (DNF) 4-Jeremy Nelson, [8]
Heat 1: 1. 2X-Brady Gerdes, [2]; 2. 51-Josh Thoennes, [1]; 3. 18A-Landon Atkinson, [4]; 4. 60-Dan Ebert, [3]; 5. 1JR-Tim Johnson, [6]; 6. 22-Jb Stortz, [5]; 7. 53-Chris Mensen, [7]
Heat 2: 1. 5H-Brett Hoium, [2]; 2. 4-Jeremy Nelson, [6]; 3. 99-Jake Wildman, [1]; 4. 2J-Blake Jegtvig, [4]; 5. 10X-Dustin Bitzan, [3]; 6. 20B-Todd Berg, [5]
Heat 3: 1. 52-Jason Thoennes, [2]; 2. 6X-Zach Johnson, [4]; 3. 75-Mike Storck, [1]; 4. 73-Andy Jones, [5]; 5. 1B-Jason Blascyk, [3]; 6. 46H-Ken Hron, [6]
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
A Feature 1: 1. 21X-Travis Saurer – Wrong, [5]; 2. 32-Shawn Olson, [8]; 3. L1-Shane Howell, [7]; 4. 07-Jason Hoffman, [9]; 5. 23-Josh Muzik, [11]; 6. 50C-Cody Lee, [4]; 7. 13X-McKenzie Gerdes, [3]; 8. 7-Pat Stepan, [12]; 9. 42-Ron Saurer, [6]; 10. 2H-Brooke Hellerman, [14]; 11. 85-Jason Thimmesh, [13]; 12. 52-Matt Thoennes, [15]; 13. 15-Eric Platzer, [19]; 14. 21R-Ryan McCleary, [16]; 15. 80-Brian Tomford, [18]; 16. (DNF) 24-Brandon Dolman, [10]; 17. (DNF) 34-Jamie Thorstad, [1]; 18. (DNF) 15X-Blake Boelens, [17]; 19. (DNF) 57-Corey Storck, [2]; 20. (DNF) 5-Michael Hiniker, [20]
Heat 1: 1. 13X-McKenzie Gerdes, [2]; 2. 57-Corey Storck, [5]; 3. 34-Jamie Thorstad, [1]; 4. 24-Brandon Dolman, [4]; 5. 85-Jason Thimmesh, [7]; 6. 21R-Ryan McCleary, [3]; 7. 15-Eric Platzer, [6]
Heat 2: 1. 42-Ron Saurer, [1]; 2. L1-Shane Howell, [3]; 3. 50C-Cody Lee, [6]; 4. 23-Josh Muzik, [5]; 5. 2H-Brooke Hellerman, [4]; 6. 15X-Blake Boelens, [7]; 7. 5-Michael Hiniker, [2]
Heat 3: 1. 32-Shawn Olson, [3]; 2. 07-Jason Hoffman, [4]; 3. 21X-Travis Saurer – Wrong, [1]; 4. 7-Pat Stepan, [5]; 5. 52-Matt Thoennes, [6]; 6. 80-Brian Tomford, [2]
WISSOTA Late Models
A Feature 1: 1. 85-John Kaanta, [11]; 2. 73-Zach Johnson, [5]; 3. 4-Shane Edginton, [2]; 4. 42S-Don Shaw, [13]; 5. 66-Daniel Ebert, [1]; 6. 44-Cole Schill, [4]; 7. 15*-Ryan Mikkelson, [3]; 8. 50-Jeff Wildung, [9]; 9. 16S-Jeff Hapala, [6]; 10. 03-Casey Meyer, [8]; 11. 12N-Rick Nelson, [16]; 12. 3M-Greg Meyer, [14]; 13. 18X-Shawn Meyer, [10]; 14. 1R-Travis Robertson, [15]; 15. 7L-Scott Lehn, [7]; 16. 3-Clarence Washburn, [17]; 17. 22-Cale Berry, [20]; 18. 44L-Rob Lynch, [18]; 19. 21X-Joel Collins, [19]; 20. 3H-Jerry Hauge, [12]
Heat 1: 1. 15*-Ryan Mikkelson, [2]; 2. 16S-Jeff Hapala, [1]; 3. 50-Jeff Wildung, [4]; 4. 18X-Shawn Meyer, [3]; 5. 42S-Don Shaw, [5]; 6. 1R-Travis Robertson, [7]; (DNS) 22-Cale Berry,
Heat 2: 1. 4-Shane Edginton, [2]; 2. 73-Zach Johnson, [1]; 3. 03-Casey Meyer, [3]; 4. 85-John Kaanta, [7]; 5. 3M-Greg Meyer, [6]; 6. 12N-Rick Nelson, [5]; 7. (DNF) 21X-Joel Collins, [4]
Heat 3: 1. 66-Daniel Ebert, [1]; 2. 44-Cole Schill, [6]; 3. 7L-Scott Lehn, [4]; 4. 3H-Jerry Hauge, [3]; 5. (DNF) 3-Clarence Washburn, [5]; 6. (DNF) 44L-Rob Lynch, [2]
Pure Stock
A Feature 1: 1. 7W-Jesse Waldorf, [8]; 2. 81X-Brock Volker, [2]; 3. 77-Carson Miller, [7]; 4. 44-Megan Arvidson, [5]; 5. 29A-Chad Andersen, [10]; 6. 00-Dustin Karl, [3]; 7. 4X-Tanner Horn, [4]; 8. (DNF) 9-Aiden Kluver, [11]; 9. (DNF) 8X-Craig Gardner, [6]; 10. (DNF) 4R-Bob Kunz, [9]; (DQ) 38-Tyler Kunz, [1]
Heat 1: 1. 4X-Tanner Horn, [2]; 2. 8X-Craig Gardner, [4]; 3. 00-Dustin Karl, [1]; 4. 44-Megan Arvidson, [3]; 5. 4R-Bob Kunz, [5]; 6. 29A-Chad Andersen, [6]
Heat 2: 1. 81X-Brock Volker, [1]; 2. 7W-Jesse Waldorf, [5]; 3. 38-Tyler Kunz, [2]; 4. 77-Carson Miller, [3]; 5. (DNF) 9-Aiden Kluver, [4]
WISSOTA Street Stocks
A Feature 1: 1. 1JR-Tim Johnson, [8]; 2. 70-Andrew Bangsund, [3]; 3. 10-Justin Vogel, [7]; 4. 69-Bryan Crandall, [5]; 5. 1-Gary Reents, [4]; 6. 6X-Mark Blom, [6]; 7. 2K-Tyler Klugman, [10]; 8. 39-Jordan Fisher, [1]; 9. 5K-Michael Klugman, [2]; 10. (DNF) 24X-Scott Horn, [9]
Heat 1: 1. 1JR-Tim Johnson, [4]; 2. 10-Justin Vogel, [5]; 3. 1-Gary Reents, [2]; 4. 39-Jordan Fisher, [1]; 5. (DNF) 24X-Scott Horn, [3]
Heat 2: 1. 6X-Mark Blom, [1]; 2. 70-Andrew Bangsund, [5]; 3. 69-Bryan Crandall, [2]; 4. 5K-Michael Klugman, [3]; (DQ) 2K-Tyler Klugman, [4]
WISSOTA Super Stocks
A Feature 1: 1. 1JR-Tim Johnson, [8]; 2. 29*-Jeff Crouse, [6]; 3. 3S-Jon Stepan, [5]; 4. 21-Trevor Saurer, [7]; 5. 13M-Matt Miller, [11]; 6. 54-Larry Lund, [3]; 7. 50-Roger Host, [1]; 8. 2H-Bryan Hellerman, [2]; 9. 29-Jon Crouse, [4]; 10. 44-Christopher Lynch, [10]; 11. (DNF) 15-Travis Vanderby, [9]; (DNS) 9-Dominic Baker,
Heat 1: 1. 1JR-Tim Johnson, [4]; 2. 29*-Jeff Crouse, [2]; 3. 54-Larry Lund, [3]; 4. 21-Trevor Saurer, [5]; 5. 15-Travis Vanderby, [6]; 6. (DNF) 13M-Matt Miller, [1]
Heat 2: 1. 29-Jon Crouse, [2]; 2. 3S-Jon Stepan, [5]; 3. 2H-Bryan Hellerman, [4]; 4. 50-Roger Host, [6]; 5. 44-Christopher Lynch, [1]; 6. (DNF) 9-Dominic Baker, [3]

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