Important Registration Note!

With the new MyRacePass system each track will have their drivers register online. This will put their drivers directly in to the track MyRacePass system so they do not have to search for each driver on opening night. Drivers will update their information – there is no SS# input on this system so the track will print all registrations that are completed and on opening night they will ask the driver if the info is correct and to write down their SS# or Fed tax ID # so they have it. The track will then confirm the driver and be able to input an owner, etc. This is just a way for the track to know who their drivers will be and have a faster registration on opening night. If someone does not fill it out – the track will just have to do a search and find them. Here is the link to complete your registration. If you do not have a MyRacePass account, you will need to create one.

IRS W-9 Form (PDF)

Driver Information Sheet/Competitor Profile

2015 WISSOTA Rulebook (PDF)

2015 Viking Speedway Pure Stock Rules (PDF)

2015 Demo Rules (PDF)